Aqua Teen Bomb Hoax

hoaxbomb.jpgThere was a buzz on the Metroblogging network when this story first broke, and our sister site in Boston site jumped right on it.

Earlier today several of ‘suspicious looking electronic devices’ in public places caused a city wide shut down in Boston, MA. Hysteria ensued as the city went on high alert.

The only problem? It’s not a terrorist threat. It’s an advertising campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Apparently, the Bomb Squad has had to close down major roads and cordon off entire sections of the city to deal with the Mysterious Mooninite Devices. The traffic grid in Boston? Absolute chaos. And up until an hour ago, Adult Swim (through Turner Broadcast) hadn’t even bothered to inform the city where all of the Mooninite bundles were located….

Needless to say, Turner Broadcast is now apologetically complying with Boston’s authorities, but the campaign is also running in a host of US cities. So if you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, or any other of a dozen odd US cities… BEWARE THE MOONINITES! [Wired]

Watching CNN, who is of course owned by Turner Broadcasting as well, the network is extremely apologetic for the “inconvenience” the stunt cause to the entire city. Some say that Boston over reacted – some say that it was entirely justified seeing as how a couple of the 9/11 planes took off from Logan on that fateful day.

At Boston Metblogs they’re not giving into the hype:

…the instant we heard the news, every single commuter on their way to Park Street dropped to the ground in a fetal position, crying aloud for their loved ones and parents, and we stayed that way for hours — inconsolable, shaken, and wounded. The Boston Globe poetically expressed the apocalyptic, world-ending truth of the day: There is an upside to these events. There was no public panic.

Other cities involved in the “marketing campaign” are locating these devices, suggests Metroblogging Chicago and Seattle is trying to get ahead by removing them.

So here’s the question – would Vancouverites be as overly cautious in an event like this? Something tells me finding little matching light displays that depict cartoons characters would just be blogged about, pics would pop up all over Flickr and the next day it might show up on the news. Would the city shut down? Would there be traffic chaos (more than usual)? We are going to be hosting the Olympics in 3 years…

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