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Eat at Wang’s

Nobody likes Wang’s except me. My lovely bride hates Wang’s. Nobody here is interested in Wang’s. Hiding a promo for Wang’s in a post called Conceptual Dining did nothing. Even my dog, who thinks finding chicken bones in the back alley and choking them down before I can pull them out is hot stuff, probably wouldn’t eat at Wang’s.

Sex change?

One sex change, please, and, uh, some matches.Proof that your really can buy just about anything on Seymour St. . . .

Brother can you spare a dime? Not anymore.

I would like to thank that lady in the walker on the corner of Broadway and commercial for bringing me to my senses to not give money to people asking for change on the street ever again.

The incident? This lady in a walker came up to me and asked me for change. I normally do give something when I can. But this time, I didn’t have any change on me whatsoever. When I didn’t give anything to her, she walked away in a gruff. I felt bad, went to the Coffee Shop behind the 99 b-line stop and bought a muffin for her and myself with my debit card. I said, “I didn’t have any change, but I have some food for you.”

She looked at me in disgust and said, “Why the hell would I want that?” And walked away in a crabby mood as ever.

I was livid. I realized that this person probably only wanted the money for her drug fix. If she truly was poor, then she would have been grateful for the food, or would have at least kept it for later when she was hungry.

I used to give give every last cent I had in my pockets to these addicts. Not anymore. So now, miss walker lady, yet another person will be refusing everyone who comes up to him asking for extra change, whether they truly need it or not.

Call me ultra conservative. Call me heartless. But I’m tired of people using me like this. Starting today, Instead of feeding the drug pushers, I will be making a regular donation to a registered charity, where I know the money is being put to a worthy cause, not for the drug fix of an addict.

Post Secondary Institution Update

This isn’t so much creative new content as a stale update of my last post on SFU and Douglas College student governance.

I won’t make you read past the gatefold unless you want all the details: Hattie’s back at SFU, and the Douglas Student Union is in receivership.

Happy Chinese New Year, y’all!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

It’s the year of the Pig – not kosher, exactly, but a lucky year, nonetheless. Happy new year to all those descendants of the civilization that has brought us (well, their regional neighbors, at least) paper, silk, gunpowder, the compass, the abacus and wooden-block printing. Looks like I’ll be missing the big parade in Chinatown this year, since I’m at home drinking coffee and the parade is pretty much done by now. At least I have some photos from last year that I can enjoy. This is one of Vancouver’s top photo opportunities of the year.

We could learn a thing or two from Las Vegas

Just got back from Las Vegas.

Vancouver is rightly regarded as a model of urban planning. In terms of sustainable development, we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re light-years ahead of our prairie cousins.

Las Vegas is, um, a different sort of urban model. Thirty-nine million tourists made their way last year to the great strip of bright lights in the middle of the Nevada desert. They plunked down billions, and most had little to show for it after they left. There is no natural reason why anyone ought to go there… except that it’s a really fun, friendly place to be.

The tourism marketing people of Las Vegas have earned their place in the pantheon of the advertising gods.

Brand new SFU

Now that SFU is fourty years old, it’s over the hill in more ways than one, prompting the current administration to embark upon a bit of a face-lift.

SFU’s administration announced a few weeks ago that after much deliberation it would be removing the crosses from the top corners of its crest and replacing them with books, in order to limit confusion as to the school’s identity as a secular institution. Though the old crest will continue to be registered as a symbol of SFU, the new one will take its place on diplomas and merchandise.

Today however, the crest is nowhere to be found on the front page of the SFU website. Instead this week the school unveiled a new, modern looking brand and logo for SFU, created to promote a sense of unity between all three campuses, as well as common standards for use of the logo in print and on the web.

What can I say of the new logo?

In short, it’s a rectangle. A red rectangle. I’m not sure whether I want to call it brilliant or a waste of money. Perhaps it will grow on me. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Cheapie Saturday – Vintage Camera Display and Free Family Skate

London Heritage Farm – Vintage Camera Display
9am – 5pm Feb 10 @ London Heritage Farm
6511 Dyke Road, Richmond

Minoru Arena – Family Ice Skating
FREE – 1pm – 5:30pm Feb 10 @ Minoru Arena
7701 Minoru Gate, Richmond

As part of the various activities happening around the province wide Spirit of BC week, Richmond has a few events on the calendar.

Nearly everyone owns a digital camera these days. We’re even seeing numerous people who have never even touched a film camera before. Well be sure to check out the vintage camera display happening at the London Heritage Farm in Richmond.

The Final Countdown

Now that I have that song stuck in my head… today marks the first day of BC Spirit Week but Olympic organizers have something very special in store for Vancouverites aside from free ice skating and sing songs.

There’s a big ceremony, including lots of hoopla this Monday, downtown to ‘celebrate’ the 3-years-to-go mark for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games: A countdown clock six metres high, three metres wide, weighing 1,170 kilograms will be at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s northwest corner in downtown Vancouver.

Preparations are underway to unveil it to the citizens of Vancouver, rain or shine, in a fast-paced noon hour celebration on Monday, February 12 – the three-year anniversary to the start of the 2010 Winter Games.

The Countdown Clock will log the hours, minutes and seconds remaining until the Games begin. An impressive sculpture, it will be permanently located on the Georgia Street Plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery – a fixture that residents of Vancouver and visitors alike will be able to enjoy both before and after the Games. [Vancouver2010]

On CTV they had a promo for the festivities, with the sports guy saying he’ll give a preview of some of the events and community activities, the anchors talking about the unveiling and then there’s Tamara Taggart saying, “I’ll be live in Whistler giving 2010 weather predictions.”

Yeah, anyway – bring the kids down, meet local TV personalities, enjoy hours of activities and if you’re strongly opposed to the games, this is just one more thing…

Canstructing a Future Without Hunger

As has been mentioned here before, Canstruction is an annual contest and art show where teams gather to create sculptures completely out of non-perishable foods. The sculptures sit on display at Canada Place for a week and afterwards they are dismantled and the food is donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

I think it’s a good event on several levels. It’s a great teambuilding activity, a free art exhibit and some of the results are pretty impressive. Not to mention, it provides local food banks with an influx of food in the middle of March, a time when donations tend to be pretty low.

There’s still time to participate in this year’s competition. The deadline for teams to sign-up is next Friday, February 16. Sculptures from this year’s competition will be on display from March 4th to 11th.

More information can be found on the Canstruction website.

Photo: Snoopy @ Canstruction by annchou.

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