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Cuter Than Knut

When it comes to animals so cute your head almost explodes because you cannot handle the cuteness they emit, the baby polar bear at the Berlin Zoo, has been getting all the attention lately. But, one of the top videos on You Tube at the moment was filmed right here in Vancouver, at the Aquarium in Stanley Park. Our very own “Otters Holding Hands” are taking the internet by storm for their 15 minutes. Eat your heart out, Knut.

Trailer Park Boys will be here on Monday!

I stopped by Chapters yesterday when I saw a Trailer Park Boys book in the window. I picked one up for my husband and when I was paying, the cashier told me the boyz will be at the store on Monday, April 2nd at 2:00 pm. They are letting people line up only 10 minutes in advance and then giving out wrist bands. They will only sign books bought in the store. If you bought the book early, be sure to keep the receipt. They’ll be checking for that.

Location: 788 Robson Street – right across the street from Sears

You know where to find me at 1:50 on Monday!

Vancouver 2010 Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has been pretty good with coming out with various collectible coins for the past few years. What’s special about the quarters in 2007 is there is a Vancouver 2010 Olympic series that they are releasing into circulation. There will be quarters representing various Olympic events and the first of the 14 coins to be released is Curling.

In past years they’ve had various distribution partners like Shoppers Drug Mart and Tim Horton’s. This time you can get these coins at Petro Canada and RBC. After making a purchase I got 5 of these back in one transaction at IGA. They’re not listed as an official place to get them, however my friends who were with me also got them back with their transactions as well.

You can find out more about the collection at the Royal Canadian Mint’s website, make sure you select the batch for circulation.

Get fat, go to the Olympics

Serious discussions are in the works between Canada’s Health Minister and Vancouver 2010 organizers to make the battle against childhood obesity an unofficial event at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Hmmmm. Synchronized floating, anyone? Or perhaps a fight-to-the-finish battle royale amongst the world’s most rotund teenagers is a better idea. Instead of medals, perhaps the most talented of our morbidly obese youngsters will have the option of being adopted by foster parents who can actually ensure that the kids don’t get diabetes and heart disease before they leave their teen years. Just a thought.

Free Geek Vancouver – Community Technology Centre

Did you know that the GVRD buries approximately 20,000 tonnes of computer and electronic waste each year? Yesterday I attended the Massive Vancouver Technology Conference at the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre. I met David Repa, startup coordinator for Free Geek Vancouver. Free Geek Vancouver is a non profit community organization that recycles used technology to provide computers, education, internet access and job skills training to those in need in exchange for community service. Their business model is patterned after the highly successful Free Geek model in Portland Oregon.

He pointed out that much the computers that we donate overseas doesn’t go to the needy people that we though would receive them. Much of it winds up in waste dumps where the poor scrounge around looking for copper and spare parts in highly unsafe and often toxic conditions. Free Geek Vancouver specializes in recycling computer parts in a safe manner and ensures that the computer parts that they donate get to those who need them.

Check out his article on the technology waste situation in Vancouver:

The View from the Alley

They’re motto is:
Helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning of the 3rd millenium”

So if you’re interested in helping the needy get nerdy and to reduce the amount of recycled technology waste in Vancouver, contact David Repa at

Yesterday’s Massive Tech Show


Lucky for me, I was able to attend yesterday’s Massive Tech Show at Canada Place including the conference part. I attended 5 speakers and my top three were:

Cherry Blossom Season

It’s official: the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is in (wait for it…) full bloom.

Photo by sp clarke

Lynn Canyon Park still almost 100% hobo free


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

About two weeks ago, back when I wasn’t blogging, Lydia and I decided that instead of sitting around my apartment and playing FIFA on the XBox 360 we should go outside and do something active. Rather Lydia decided that and I went along with the idea. So we went to Lynn Canyon Park to see the locally famous Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge [lcp].

The bridge is… well it’s a suspension bridge. It’s interesting and yes nature is magical. The walk around the park, aside from nearly making my chest explode thanks to one particularly hilly section, it was nice. However maybe being from the rural area of the interior and living like a five minute walk from the woods spoiled me to the wonders of nature. Still if you’re looking for a nice hobo free walk through nature in and around the Vancouver area Lynn Canyon Park is a good place to check out.

Breaking the internet in half: Vancouver style

Matthew Good at Whistler a few years back

Everyone agrees blog fights are boring, like the tech equivalent to listening to tax accountants talk about Sarbanes-Oxley Act [wp], but it can be a good way to get your name out there. I mean who had ever heard of Dan Rather before him and the blogs got it on?

Vancouver tends to get by with few blog handbags in the tunnel after final whistle, so when it does occur it’s always fairly amusing. Local web-tech-guy David Gratton [dg] has been increasing his traffic by taking on Vancouver’s most famous blogger Matthew Good [mg]. Good’s a genuine celebrity outside of the blogging world, you don’t even neen an Apple TV to see him on your living room television, so he manages to attract a devoted fan base both from his blog and from his music work.

If you want to get into the whole story click the link below. If you’re already bored then surf on gentle reader, the web has much better stuff for you. Porn for instance.

The dead letter bin’s old issues still pressing buttons

The video here is a BCTV news report from a story they did last fall about the fiscal fiasco at Douglas College last year where the student union was allegedly giving away money to their executives to buy houses. Ryan’s got more about that [mbv] specifically, but I did say that while I generally found the Canadian Federation of Students loathsome I did support their general plea for lower student rates [mbv].

The latest tactic by the CFS that I’m finding incredibly ironic is the fact that they’re spending their money, money collected from student fees, to send lawyers after student papers who are also funded mainly on student fees for repeating what’s in that BCTV clip. So the organization that was founded and funded by students to lower student fees spends it on lawyers forcing other student funded groups to hire lawyers.

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