Fuzzcat: Impact is Imminent

http://vancouver.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/03/fuzzcat0012-thumb.jpgFuzzcat will be performing at 10 pm on March 15 at the most conveniently located show lounge that I’ve never been to, the Media Lounge. I’m always hearing about cool gigs happening there, but something always came up to prevent me going. But when you’ve got to ska, you’ve got to ska…

Fuzzcat is well on it’s way to stardom with it’s official CD release party. It’s been interesting for me, a musically talentless person, to get an inside scoop on how the local music industry works from the guys I know in the band. For starters, this is the proper way to advertise your music: “Assembling like the five lions of Voltron, Fuzzcat unified into a tight music-making machine bringing thick beats and ass-shakin’ rawk.” That, my friends, is inspired.

Ass-shakin’ rawk. Well, they tell it like it is. I’ve seen three shows before they even got famous, which I suppose makes me a kind of groupie from the U.F.O.M.P. days.

By the way, good job on the band name change to Fuzzcat, guys. My brain always conjured up images of little green men with red berets with your old moniker.

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