Terrible video, pretty good concert: Modest Mouse in Vancouver

Last night Lydia and I went to see Modest Mouse in Vancouver at the PNE Forum.  When we got there we were searched for things like booze, drugs, knives and helper monkeys.  While I was finishing off all my drugs and booze out in the parking lot my helper monkey ran off with my knife.  Lydia however still had her Swiss Army knife and was told she’d have to hand it in at the bag check.  Instead we just walked into the show, bypassing the bag check lineup.

The first opening band was good. Called (Grand) Archives they’re from Seattle [ts].  The second band wasn’t so hot. Neither was the very long wait between the second opening act and the main event Modest Mouse.

Modest Mouse was really good, playing their most well known songs like “Float On” and “Dashboard” early on in the show. However that left them in a bit of a pickle later on when the show went from being songs to being long periods of musical masturbation as they just sort of noodled around and jammed. The encore was completely pointless and we left halfway through that. All in all it was a good show, but today my feet are tired from all the standing up and about.

Edit: I forgot to mention that Lydia told me that she had heard that former Smith’s guitarist Johnny Marr had joined Modest Mouse. I checked into that and he had, helping to co-write some of their new album [wp]. So now I’ve seen half of the Morrisey-Marr team.

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