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The passport office, maybe?

I’ve seen this long line-up in front of the Sinclair Centre every morning on my way to work for the last two weeks. I get to work between 8:15 and 8:30 am. I’m surprised that this many people still need to get a passport. Where are they all going?

The line-up starts at the green Sinclair Centre awning and – I checked this morning to make sure I’m not exaggerating – but the line up goes right up to the end of the block to Granville Street and around the side of the building towards Cordova Street. Every morning it’s like this. How many people work at the passport office? Four?

On my way home from work, I eavesdropped in on a conversation about this very topic. One person mentioned to the other person that she heard that people were starting to line up at 3:30 am. This is how rumors get started.

Now seems a good time to refer to Ghosty’s post about the passport application process. I think I’ll just keep waiting to get mine. No rush.

Citizen Sam

Citizen Sam, the documentary of our own Mayor Sam Sullivan and his successful 2005 electoral run, is still getting a lot of attention, with a recent screening at the Toronto’s Hot Docs documentary film festival.

As a politically opinionated Vancouverite, I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t yet got around to watching it, but this trailer has certainly piqued my interest.

Director Joe Moulins: “He’s really an interesting character. What I like best about the film now when I watch it is how complicated everything is. Nothing is black and white in his life, even the love story between he and his wife.”


When the sun starts popping up you know the road work will begin. Robson Street [wiki] been in the middle of some sidewalk rehabilitation over the last couple of weeks and the roads are next. One thing I find particularly interesting is what’s underneath our dear Robsonstrasse. It was interesting enough to make me snap a pic on my way home only to find out my husband, while out earlier that day, had also pulled out his camera phone and snapped similar shots of the street’s brick and cobblestone past.


For more info about construction that might slow down your commute this season, check out The Road Ahead on the City’s official site and for more glimpses at Robson Street’s history, visit City Reflections – especially their 1907/2006 image comparisons.

Trevor Linden saves Vancouver again

Thank God.

Thank Trevor Linden. Let’s rename Robson Street after him, he’s earned it by now.

Next up the Mighty Ducks on Wednesday. Hopefully this hard fought series won’t have worn the Canucks out. At least they’ve come through it without any injuries to Naslund, the Sedins or Luongo. Also it’s good news that Linden and some of the role players are stepping things up. If Luongo keeps playing as good as Captain Kirk used to the team could go deep this year.

Everyone back on the bandwagon, there’s still room.

The Bay Downtown – not just clothes!

In the last few weeks, I’ve realized that The Bay, located right downtown on Georgia Street and Granville, is more than just an old school department store. For example, this week, I did the “walk-in” (no appointment) at the hair salon on the second floor and got a very nice haircut by a hairdresser named Joseph. He didn’t use scissors, but used some kind of razor device. I had a wash, a big cut (over 4 inches chopped off) and blow dry for $50. I’ve also gone in before for a quick trim of the bangs for a cost of $7.00.

Right next to the salon is a wig store. Joseph assured me that the remnants from my haircut were not going next door to the wig shop.

Some Super Socco for your weekend

I blog a lot about Super Socco on my own blog [jks]. Thanks to one post I made about missing the drink that I remember sucking out of juice boxes in the ’80s my blog has become the number one site on the internet! (This is not true). However thanks to people Googling the phrase “Super Socco” I’ve finally gotten a picture of the drink and now one reader provided me with the link to a YouTube commercial for the drink.

Enjoy the video. Enjoy this picture [jks]. Enjoy your weekend.

Whitecaps season starts tomorrow

More sun in the eyes

The Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club’s [wfc] season starts tomorrow with a home game against their regional rivals the Seattle Sounders. I for one am always glad to see Vancouver put one over Seattle, and to do it at the geat sport of football (soccer) is always exciting. The Whitecaps had a great year last year winning the United Soccer League First Division title last year and are looking for a solid defense of that.

If you’ve never been to a Whitecaps game but enjoy watching European or Latin football on the television then it’s well worth checking out the Whitecaps. A game is about twice the cost of a movie, but well less than the Canucks or even the Lions. Seaon tickets are fairly cheap, and you get a free ticket into the planned game in October against David Beckham and the LA Galaxy [mbv].

So remember hockey’s not the only game in town, and the Whitecaps are excellent entertainment for the money.

Overtime hangovers


Originally uploaded by photorocker.

Let’s face it last night it could have gone either way. In a battle of goaltenders eventually you’re going to ride your luck and something like that will happen. It would have been nice to have finished them off at five, but as long as we put it away in the next game we’re golden.

The trouble for the Canucks, if I can stop identifying myself as a member of the team, is that the Stars are a franchise that’s going to battle them for each and every minute of each and every game. If it goes to seven then it’s a coin toss as to who will win. And if it goes to seven then the winner is going to be wipped out as soon as they reach the next round.

So let’s do it tomorrow in six, okay?

Stop! Thief! You forgot your change.

In another inspiring tale of Canadian justice, a shopflifter in Vancouver won $12,300 in damages for losing a tooth while he struggled with store security.

This story is making the rounds on the Odd News sections of online news daily roundups, so all the world gets to see what a civilized bunch of dorks we’ve become.

Beckham coming to Vancouver


Originally uploaded by deesarus.

The most famous name in soccer ball, otherwise known as football, will be coming to Vancouver in October. Thank the Vancouver Whitecaps for the media circus that will land in Vancouver like a dark tornado in Vancouver because by setting up an October third friendly match with the Los Angeles Galaxy who are the David Beckham’s new team. Details are on the Whitecaps official site [wcfc].

The game is being played at BC Place Stadium, to accommodate the fact that this will sell more tickets than the usual Whitecaps versus Seattle Sounders match, and tickets are included in Whitecaps season ticket packages. Thankfully that includes me. Want to get in on David Beckham and his Golden Balls arriving in Vancouver? Visit the Whitecaps site and take a look.

From the official site:

“We are thrilled to bring such a highly anticipated event to Vancouver this year,” said Lenarduzzi. “The Galaxy boasts a star-studded roster which includes David Beckham – one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world. The match against the Galaxy will be the culmination of an amazing year of soccer in British Columbia, including the Whitecaps defence of both the men’s and women’s USL titles, and the FIFA U-20 World Cup in host cities Burnaby and Victoria.”

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