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Farmers Market Season starts this weekend

In the past couple of years, I’ve been frequenting the Trout Lake Farmers Market a few times during the season. But this year I’m going to support the local farmers and go much more often. It’s healthy, yummy and good for the environment. I’ve started collecting fabric bags for this very occasion and have started getting into the habit of saying no to plastic bags – a common practice at these markets.

There are lots of markets to choose from. Here’s a list to just some of them. I’ve been to the Coquitlam Market once and the one out in Mission. The one out in Mission was tiny, but they had an excellent selection of plants for the garden. According to this website, there’s a farmers market at Ikea in Coquitlam on Wednesdays! Weird. I’ll have to go check it out.

Endangered species: us

Here’s some unasked-for-advice about what to do when you want to pet a tiger: don’t.

A woman was killed this week by a tiger at the Siberian Magic farm near Vancouver when she got too close to it. You know, there’s a reason the big zoos keep these animals in caged enclosures. For most of human history, tigers considered us to be lunch. Some still haven’t gotten the message yet.

I heard a survey on the radio that 89 per cent of Vancouverites were opposed to keeping exotic animals. Frankly, I’m amazed the number is that low.

Fiber Festival starts today!

I’ve been waiting for weeks for the annual Fiber Fest at the Tradex in Abbotsford. It starts today and I’ll be heading over tomorrow morning to watch some knitting and spinning demonstrations, do some shopping and take pictures of the fiber bearing farm animals. My favourite? The fluffy angora bunnies. They are really, really soft. And the llamas that look like Rastafarians.

Another thing to look forward to at this event is the chili served at the Tradex. Really, it’s delish. Don’t forget the fashion show where the animals walk with the models to show you which animal contributed his or her hair for the clothes on display.

One more passport update…

and then I promise, I’ll stop talking about it. A co-worker told me she got up at 3:30 last week to get a place in line in front of the passport office by 4:00 am. She was 52nd in line and there were people who slept there all night offering people their spot at the front of the line for $100. She waited in line, was let in the building around 7:00 and waited to get a number until 9:30 am. She had all her paperwork ready, so she was able to hand it in. She paid $97.00, which included a $10 fee for them NOT to deliver it to her home because she wanted to pick it up at the Sinclair Centre when it was ready. Then she went to work and tried to stay awake all day.

Yesterday, at 3:05 pm, another co-worker walked into the passport office with her paperwork ready, walked right up to the counter with only one other person in line, submitted the application and paid $87, which includes a courier dropping it off to her house whenever it’s ready.

I think it’s safe to say the line waiting is over. Also, this morning at 8:30 the line was much shorter than it has been in weeks. I guess I’ll go apply for mine now.

Spitting on public transit

The Coast Mountain bus company is trying to decide what to do with a bus driver who spat on a passenger – evidently in retaliation for being spat upon.

The driver ought to be disciplined, but hopefully not too harshly. As disgusting as it is, spitting back was probably an instinctive reaction. Unfortunately, this kind of incident happens often enough to bus drivers that they really have to have a policy about it.

Note to spitters everywhere: on the classy scale, it ranks somewhere just below picking your nose and just above scratching your groin and then offering to shake someone’s hand. Not good behavior for making friends and influencing people.

Welcome to Vancouver


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

The view coming into Vancouver from a cruise ship is absolutely amazing. I know I take the city for granted, but it’s a beautiful town and I can see why people allow themselves to be so caught up by the unique mixture of nature and modern life that Vancouver has to offer. We can complain that it’s not as friendly as it used to be, that it’s not the city it used to be but it’s still damn pretty.

And that’s not to make light of the issues of social inequality, of the large homeless problems that we have that remain misdealt with. However after spending a week on the other side of the border it’s good to be home. Vancouver’s the city for me, even if the Canucks will never replace the Oilers in my heart or make it past the second round.

Having declared my love for the town I’ll be away for month, I’m heading to Europe to study how dragons are raised in European zoos. No wait, sorry I always get Europe and Harry Potter novels mixed-up. I’m going to Europe to drink beer and take pictures. I’ll be back, and while I’m gone the other fine women and men of Metroblogging Vancouver are going to keep this site ticking along like a fine watch.

Enjoy the city while I’m gone. It’s a keeper.

On my way to Saskatoon

I spotted this Canucks sign at the WestJet desk this morning on my way out of town for a conference. I’ll be finding a TV tomorrow night for the game out here in Saskabush in between speakers and dinner.

To my surprise at the airport today, the security people are still on the whole “no liquids or gels” thing in the carry-on luggage which surprised me on a domestic flight. To Saskatoon. Also, they asked my permission to swab my laptop. Not being familiar with this security practice, I asked, “Swabbing for what?”. Turns out they were looking for chemicals. I passed their tests and was eventually let on the plane while watching other people put their belts and jewelry back on.

Overheard in Vancouver

I believe this to be the best “Overheard in Vancouver” submission in a while:

“Airport PA Announcement : To the gentleman who lost the Gold Rolex today, the current time is 6:48am, Thank you.”

Still one of my favorite blogs to check out on a rainy day.

Canucks :: backs to the wall


Originally uploaded by superstewy.

There’s no place left to run for the Canucks. I was worried last series that with all the overtimes that Vancouver and Dallas were taking to finish games whomever won would be totally destroyed by their next opponents, and that appears to be what’s happening here. The team played well for the first half of the game but the wheels fell off the short bus during the third period.

They just seemed to have gotten tired, and the Ducks dominated the third period and the short bit of overtime we saw. It was not a good scene, and now the Canucks have to win three in a row to get by the Ducks which looks nearly impossible. It’s time to get out the white towels, because we might be surrendering soon, and there’s a lot more leg room on the bandwagon this morning after most of the city jumped off of it.

Do I still think we’ve got a chance? I’m not answering that, but if the Canucks do make the next round it will be one of the greatest comebacks in franchise history and we’ll have to make Trevor Linden mayor. Otherwise I think we’re going to be a city of Ottawa fans very shortly.

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