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Where the heck are Homer’s arms?’s a big promotional display for the upcoming Simpsons movie at the Scotiabank (Paramount) Theatre. I knew something wasn’t quite right, but could put my finger on it for a moment – until I realized that Homer wouldn’t be putting his fingers on anything anytime soon.

Where the heck are his arms?

Then I started thinking, maybe the new movie won’t be a typical Simpsons kind of pop-culture funny-fest. Maybe it’s more like Saw (or Saw II or Saw III…). In a bid to boost the ratings for the TV show, in the movie they’re going to chop Homer’s arms off.

Another example of gratuitous violence in the film industry. Won’t it ever stop?

Teepees at the Vancouver Art Gallery

On my way back to work from a meeting this afternoon, I noticed four great big teepees in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. I came back after work to see what was going on. Turns out it’s a great big festival with First Nation Dancing and food and crafts. I hadn’t heard about this event so I was surprised AND lucky because just as I arrived, they started some First Nations dancing with their top notch regalia.
The Aboriginal Art & Culture Celebration is happening all weekend and you can see the schedule on their website here.
There will be more traditional dancing tomorrow at 4:00 pm. And, don’t forget to try the bannock. YUM.

Here’s a protest you don’t see every day Vancouver Art Gallery has been a staging ground for countless demonstrations against the evils of Western imperialism, US and Israeli militarism and Canadian participation in the the United Nations’ mission in Afghanistan.

But in all of these protests that I’ve wandered by on Robson Street, the demonstrators and their signs have always been (at best) silent on the issue of political Islam, anti-Western terrorism and the role of certain Middle Eastern states outside of Israel in promoting hatred and conflict. Meanwhile, much of the peace movement seem pretty well set in in its unspoken (well, unholy, anyway) alliance with militant Islamists. To protest our world’s most urgent conflicts in this way is akin to communicating the sound of one hand clapping – at best, nobody really knows what you’re trying to say.

Today’s protest was different.

Vancouver Guardian Angels

Last week I got a facebook request to be a friend with the Vancouver Guardian Angels. I’m not sure exactly how they selected me to be a friend, maybe a random search of people living in Vancouver? I confirmed that I would be their friend and then boldly sent an email over to see if I could 1) take pictures of them in action & walking the beat so I could add that to my portfolio of photos and 2) talk to them a bit so I could do a write up for the Metroblogger. So far, a member named Slider has agreed to my requests and I’ll be meeting up with him and a few others next week for a walk around town.

I don’t usually approach strangers online and ask them take their pictures (hey, that’s what friends are for, right?). But, I thought this would be a good thing to do. I’ve seen these guys around Vancouver and have definitely heard about them in other cities. Now is my opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and find out why these people volunteer their time to walk in parts of town that, honestly, make me pretty nervous.

Working in a mall = no money

My first Forza car

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I could probably live in Metrotown, much like the characters in Waydowntown [wp] manage to find ways to survive living in Calgary’s Plus 15 [wp]. The mall of course does not have apartments hermetically attached to it, and this is about the only thing preventing me from being able to spend my days in recycled air.

The trouble is that since my new employer has decided to make un-paid lunch breaks mandatory, that means I spend at least half an hour wandering the mall. Which is fine when I need to eat, but if I’ve already eaten or brought my own lunch it means I spend my time in EB Games or Toys ‘R’ Us looking at things to buy. Thankfully I’ve got a built up credit at EB Games, otherwise I’d be in the poor house already. Yesterday I bought Forza 2, which is proving to be awesome [jks].

Also after one trip to the mall’s food court KFC the fried chicken joint is already back to being dead to me.

We cheat tourists and drunks
Finally, truth in advertising. I shot this sign outside of the Nelson Cafe last week. Cheers.

Back to the mall

Metropolis at Metrotown

Originally uploaded by The BH.

I was trying to think of an elaborate Back to the Future parody post to sum up my return to working in Metrotown, but I couldn’t think of anything particularly clever. Instead I’ll just say, “Hey I’m back working at Metrotown.”

Which so far is novel once again. The food court options are exciting (“Oh look it’s hot dogs!”), the shopping options are nice for my break and it’s good working in a place where I don’t have to run to the Hotel Vancouver each time I need to pee. It’s also nice to once again be commuting against the tide, moving away from downtown out to Burnaby while everyone else is going to the office.

Having said that the mall will eventually be the death of me. I know this now, it has been written.

Currently immersed in photography

Since getting my new camera, I’ve immersed myself in everything photography. I’ve been taking pictures of everything I can find and trying out all the different functions on my Nikon. I’m even reading photography books. Yikes! I decided to start taking some courses and after emailing my friend and local photographer, Mike O’Shea, I decided to try out a one day course next weekend at Vancouver Workshops. I selected a portraiture course as I had a request from a friend to take photos for her website. I guess I don’t have to mention there will be pictures to follow, do I?

Reflection of the Hotel Vancouver

Time for a little street justice

“NIce leather jacket! Where’d you get it?”

“Oh, I picked it up from Wings pub when some sucker had his back turned. Picked up a nice laptop bag, too, but the jerk didn’t even have a laptop in it. If I see that cheap bastard again, I’m gonna spit on him.”

“No kidding.”


Thus ends my revenge fantasy, with me kicking the thief’s butt, with the assistance of the 1960s-era Batman and Robin.

My stuff got stolen tonight when my back was turned. Property crime isn’t anything new in this city and by most standards, my own case is fairly mild.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

And over here, we have the world’s first multipurpose supercollider and electric comb.

Scientists from around the world are converging on our fair city for the fifth International Congress on Hair Research. Does it say something terrible about us that $7 billion gets sucked into an industry for hair transplants and hormone-laced lotions?

Maybe not. Our genes make us perceive people with healthy hair as more attractive, and more attractive means better jobs, better opportunities and a higher success rate for the club-hopping throng. If our basic biology is predisposing us towards shallowness, it’s only appropriate that we use science to deal with our shortcomings.

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