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As we enter the Farmers Market Season…

This information was brought to my attention (via facebook, again) just reminding people to support the local farmers by attending the markets despite the construction going on the various neighbourhoods around town. The markets are still happening, but for the next little while, “The Riley Park Market will temporarily operate out of the parking lot of Riley Park Community Centre (across the street from our usual site – entrance off of 30th Avenue) on June 13 and will return to the Nat Bailey Stadium parking lot on June 20th.”

Also, if you live in that area, you can host a sign encouraging people to attend at the new location.

Enjoy your fresh fruits and veggies. I just might see you there.

Metrotown’s fake plastic tree fire

1.Mai-Demonstration Berlin

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Leaving work on Sunday I noticed that Metrotown’s upper level, by the Skytrain station, was filled with smoke. Added to the fire alarm I began to suspect that something was up. Maybe a fire? Maybe terrorists trying to stop our shopping freedoms.

Turns out it was a bit of vandalism, though nothing quite as drastic as the terrorists.

Someone took a fake potted plant, stuck it in a shopping cart. Not content with simply putting the plant in a shopping cart they then lit the plant on fire and pushed the shopping cart down the stairs of on of the many rarely used service passages that run behind the stores in Metrotown. The fire department was dispatched, mall security ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, and nobody was hurt.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you light on fire and push down stairs.

Jobs, jobs, jobs…

Thirty-seven per cent of Greater Vancouver employers plan to hire people during the summer season, according to Manpower Canada. Given our low unemployment rate, those numbers mean pretty much anyone who wants to work will be able to work – perhaps not at the job they actually want, but hey, there’s options.

Last month, the province created 14,000 full-time jobs to lead Canada in employment growth.Gordon Campbell bashers, begone!

One, two, three! Gooooooooooo, ECONOMY!

Whitecaps scrap a win against Minnesota


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I’ve missed the last few Whitecaps game since I’ve been away in Europe for a month and last night’s match was a good game to return to. A beautiful evening weather-wise, despite the grey morning, and a hard fought win by the Whitecaps. What more could you want?

Granted after spoiling myself with a Real Madrid match at the Santiago Bernabéu [jks] it was a bit of an adjustment to the slower pace and smaller crowds of the action at Swangard, but a night watching the Whitecaps is still one of the best sporting choices in Vancouver.

The Whitecaps controlled most of the game, but were unable to slip one past Minnesota’s goalkeeper until Tony Donatelli scored late in the second half. A second goal would have put the game beyond Minnesota but the visiting team never really looked like scoring. Full details on the game can be found on the Whitecaps website [wfc].

The case of the Vancouver patient’s green blood

Mr. Spock on the old Canadian 5

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Thanks to Abbas Halai from Metroblogging Toronto [mbt] for the link.

It seems that a Vancouver hospital recently had a patient with green blood. That’s right Vulcan blood. Well not quite it seems the discoloration may have been due to medications the man was on at the time he went in for surgery.

From the CBC [cbc]:

Arterial lines are used to monitor blood pressure during an operation; any blood that flows when the line is inserted into the artery should be vivid red, the sign it has been oxygenated.

But in this case, which occurred in October 2005, it was not.

“During insertion, we normally see arterial blood come out. That’s how we know we’re in the right place. And normally that blood is bright red, as you would expect in an artery,” Flexman said in an interview Thursday.

“But in his case, the blood kept coming back as dark green instead of bright red.

“It was sort of a green-black. … Like an avocado skin maybe.”

The reaction in the room? “We were very concerned, obviously,” said Flexman, who is training in anesthesia at the hospital.

Green blood? We all knew we’d be getting a lot of out of town guests in the run up to the Olympics but not all the way from Vulcan.

Vintage Bike Show

I’m a bit excited about the upcoming 6th Annual Vintage Bike Show. You see for 2 years now I’ve been wanting to build myself a nice little vintage style boardwalk cruiser type of bike for the summer. What perfect timing!

Happening June 17th from 9am to 3pm at 215 E 17th (which is just off Main street) the admission will be a very affordable $2. In addition to the vintage bikes and parts, they’ll also have some vintage skateboards on display and for sale.

Sorry we had to quarantine you. Hope you enjoyed your stay in our beautiful country

After two days in quarantine, 42 female Japanese students are free to go. Evidently, the doctor who determined one of them might have measles missed the fact that it was just a common cold. Better safe than sorry, though.

Hope you get a chance to visit our city under better circumstances next time, ladies. Unfortunately, these types of incidents tend to get a bit overblown in the media. I suspect a lot of Japanese have been forewarned to steer clear of our lovely city for fear of deadly germs.

In the meantime, our readers can have a gander at the amusing little public service announcement above, about measles, courtesy of either a measles-obsessed twelve-year old or an adult with poor drawing skills but a lethal sense of comic timing.

A Vancouver facebook photo event

My friend, Cynthia, invited me to The Gastown Photowalk tomorrow at 5:30. It’s been organized on facebook and as of right now, the profile states “33 people might attend”. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? This is the first facebook event I’ve ever attended. I’ll bring my new camera out for this affair and start snapping.

There’s still time to join in if you’re interested.

Photos to follow.

Vancouver Comicon

I have heard stories about the Comicon in Los Angeles (also referred to somewhere as the “nerd prom”. Heh.) and decided to go to the one in Vancouver yesterday. According to this website, they have these events a few times per year.

This was a small, friendly affair and, I have to admit, the quietest event I think I’ve ever attended. Don’t get me wrong, people were there. But the room was quiet, with people sitting on the floor sorting through boxes of magazines, reading and concentrating (I guess.). There was a table with some illustrated novels and also one table of action figures and other toys.

I went to the Comicon to see the artists as they were drawing and I bought a copy of a cool drawing from RobinThompson of the Creature from the Black Lagoon for 50 cents. It will be framed!

Here’s more details about the next event:

Goodbye Z95.3! Thanks for the great memories.

I just got an email from Z95.3 saying that as of Tuesday, the Z as we know it will be no more. It will be replaced by an all-new format.

I remember when Z95.3 came out. It was originally billed as a dance music station and was the first top 40 FM station in the Lower Mainland. LG73 tried to compete but didn’t last long due to the difference in stereo sound. I still miss the Morning Zoo crew. Anyway, the first song to officially hit the airwaves was “Everybody Dance now” by C&C music factory. Once LG73 died, they changed into a top40 station and was successful for many years. By the time I left UBC, Z95 changed to Z and focussed on playing “Adult hits” to prevent us 20-something yuppies from jumping ship to the Beat 94.5. Since then, I’ve been listening to nothing but Podcasts and CKNW for the political stuff.

Thanks for the memories Z95.3. I hope you become a jazz station the way the Beat 94.5 was supposed to be!

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