The North Shore Knee Knacker Run

Ouch. That doesn’t sound good at all, but in support of my friend, Wendy, I’ll be cheering her on. This big run is 30 miles long and follows the Baden-Powell Trail from Horseshoe Bay up to Deep Cove on July 14th. Me? I can’t even imagine running like that, but Wendy is feeling pretty confident with her goal of completing the run in 8.5 hours. Again, I can’t even imagine that. The only thing I can imagine myself doing for 8.5 hours straight is sleeping.

In addition to supporting Wendy, I’ll be the official photographer for the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve area. I’m pretty sure that’s located at the Demonstration Forest up near Capilano College. The volunteers and directors of this event are very organized, and just about all the spots for all types of volunteers are filled (timers, marshals, etc.) but there are a few volunteer spaces left, and if you’re interested, check out what vacancies are left here.

I’ll post my pictures of the event after July 14th. I’m fairly certain I’ll be seeing some tired faces and some dirty legs. I feel sorry for the runners already.

The official website for The North Shore Knee Knacker Run is right here.

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