Vancouver’s Burbs: Maple Ridge

Continuing the series on the suburbs of Vancouver, we’re now going to travel a little further east, across the Pitt River towards Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge is probably best known for producing three world class athletes in three different sports: Cam Neely (hockey), Larry Walker (baseball) and the late Greg Moore (auto racing), who incidentally is “officially” from Pitt Meadows, rather than Maple Ridge.

It was officially incorporated in 1874, making it the 6th municipality in the province (only New West, Victoria, Langley, Lake Cowichan and Chilliwack are older), with about 50 families living on 33,000 acres.  Today, those same 33,000 acres house about 75,000 people.

While Maple Ridge does have a number of cultural events, like the Caribbean Street Festival (this weekend, no less!) and the Jazz & Blues Festival, and the Maple Ridge Fair (next weekend) it’s also had it’s share of local personalities, most notably Dave Alexander, who’s junk pile on the Lougheed Highway became legendary; and Linda Meyer (the topless jogger/cyclist).

A temporary farmer’s market opens up every Saturday right in the middle of downtown, in Memorial Peace Park, which also happens to be a rather large public wi-fi hotspot.

While it may not be the hippest place in the Lower Mainland, a good portion of the Lower Mainland heads through Maple Ridge every summer to head to Alouette Lake up in Golden Ears Park.

So it’s got that going for it. Besides, what other burb in the Lower Mainland has a blog dedicated to photos of it, like the image above of the Maple Ridge Horse, used by permission from the Maple Ridge Daily Photo blog.

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  1. susan (unregistered) on July 15th, 2007 @ 2:21 am

    Thanks for the mention!
    What do you mean we aren’t the hippest place in the lower Mainland? We have a topless cyclist!
    I however am not hip. I shut my eyes every time I see her!

  2. Tyler Ingram (unregistered) on July 19th, 2007 @ 6:23 am

    I haven’t seen/heard of Linda in about 10yrs and I’m still living in Pitt Meadows! Guess she got bored of no one caring what she was doing anymore.

    How come you did it on Maple Ridge? What about Pitt Meadows? hah yea I know PM isn’t very big and they should combine the two into Ridge Meadows anyway. 80% of the people I talk to from the Lower Mainland have no idea where Pitt Meadows is even though you have to go through it to get to Maple Ridge ;)

    I was going to mention Brendan Morrison, but he’s was native to Pitt Meadows ;) Ah well the other 3 people you mentioned are good enough!

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