A local bald eagle’s nest

On the corner of Pandora Street and Kamloops in East Vancouver, in a great big old tree, sits an eagle’s nest. One of my co-workers took me to see the nest yesterday after work, as it’s just around the corner from where she lives. When we got there around 5:00 last night, there wasn’t much to see, but when I came back at 8:30, there was a bit of action going on. I was told by a few locals walking by that there are two full-grown eagles – on male, one female and two “babies”. I could barely see the young eagle – he was pretty much camouflaged in the tree with his black and brown feathers, but the mother was perched up top of the tree, mostly ignoring the dive bombing of some crows and a seagull. From time to time, the mother would fly around the tree with the crows following her, and then she’s just end up back on top of the tree. The young eagle was screeching the whole time I watching. They are really noisy birds.

Eagle getting dive bombed

The people in the neighbourhood seem used to the attention and if they know anything about the eagle they are happy to tell you all about it. I was told from time to time, an environmentalist comes to the tree and gives information about the eagles as well. The eagle family has been using the nest for the last three years and the neighbourhood was surprised and happy to see them back this year after all the windstorms we had this past spring.

Just a note – the nest is located in a tree on someone’s property, so if you go to have a look, just please be aware of the homeowner’s property. I could see the eagles very well from the alley and also on the sidewalk and public grassy area right across the street from the house. There was no need at all for me to walk on the person’s lawn to have look.

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  1. Andrew (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 10:47 am

    I used to live right at Kamloops and Pandora for almost a year with a full view of this Eagles nest. We named them Don Henley and Joe Walsh. They’ve been fighting pitched battles with neighborhood crows for the past few years and for a while we thought they had abandoned their nest, but they’re back in full force now.

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