We’ll never know what the Olympics cost will we?


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The recent revelations that the government, the RCMP and pretty much everyone else grossly underestimated the costs of security for the 2010 Winter Games [cbc] is starting to make me very worried that we’re not going to have any real idea what this is going to cost us until well after the Games have ended and the tax payers are looking at paying off the bill. I’ve been a supporter of the Olympics, but I do wish some better accounting had been done at the start of this project.

A certain amount of overrun is to be expected in a project the size of hosting the Olympics. I can accept that, but at every turn there seems to be something simple that people forgot to factor in. For example the idea that increasing the number of locations that the Mounties are going to have to protect from 21 to over 100 should have made someone sit down and take a look at the numbers again. It’s a bit late to rethink this, but could someone in some level of government please re-check the budget and give us a cost of this thing? These budget overruns haven’t been shocking surprise things, security isn’t something that we suddenly discovered as in “Oh we didn’t know we had to buy a stock of dried moose hide for the Finnish athletes to eat after events”, its a fairly obvious thing.

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