MySpace does Vancouver news

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Like you needed a website to be compulsively reloading all day to pass the time at work. I mean you have us don’t you? Well if we’re not enough then head on over to the MySpace where they’ve apparently launched a local news website for Vancouver [msn]. Or rather they’ve launched a blog aggregator that takes the RSS feeds from a number of local Vancouver blogs and calls it news. Having no ability to tell whether or not a post is news, it makes it a bit of a difficult way to keep track of the actual events going on in Vancouver, but what the hell it’s not like anyone paid $580 million for it right?

Right now it looks like that Rebecca [m604], Darren Barefoot [db], Vanmega [vm] and us are being included but that might just be whose been active recently. For some odd reason that’s not quite clear to me users have the ability to rate stories, I guess the idea is to steal as much from Digg as possible.

Update: Oh wait, Wikipedia tells me that this has been going since April. I guess never logging into my MySpace account has its drawbacks. Still if I’ve missed it you might have as well.

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