Gone for the weekend, fend for yourselves

Valley View

Here at Metroblogging Vancouver we kinda, sometimes, maybe, blog about the rest of British Columbia, at least until they launch a Metroblogging Telegraph Cove we’re pretty much willing to go a bit beyond the boundaries of the GVRD. Having said that I probably won’t be doing any blogging this weekend while I return to the interior and spend the next four days in Kelowna.

That’s right I’m trading in rational public transportation for a grid locked floating bridge, a multi-cultural melting pot for a mecca-of sunburnt Albertans and Americans (there is not much difference) and no chance of being mauled by a cougar to a decent chance to being mauled by a cougar. Having said that I’m up on my cougar evasion techniques, and plan to use a pedal boat to get anywhere I need to go, so I should be good.

Take care of yourselves while I’m away. To quote Fake Steve Jobs [fsj], Namaste.

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