Verrus, Revisited

A couple of weeks back I raved about the convenience of the Verrus automated pay-by-phone parking program [verrus]. Most of what I said I still hold to be true: it’s convenient, eliminates the need to carry a bunch of meter change around, easy to renew without going back to the meter or lot, and so on.

But regarding whether it works . . . well . . . it works great as long as the Impark employee who happens across your car actually checks the records for the right parking lot [impark].

Sunday, a pleasant late lunch at Hon’s on Keefer Street was slightly soured by the discovery of a parking ticket on the car windshield.

The ticket claimed that I had failed to display a valid receipt for a parking facility about 2 blocks away on Gore Street. Of course I didn’t display a receipt for the Gore Street facility — I wasn’t parked there.

I have no idea how many cars the enforcer ticketed before he realized the device was set to the wrong lot number, but given the slow adoption of the program, I wouldn’t be surprised if it never seemed odd that the handful of pay-by-phoners all seemed to be illegally parked.

Impark was gracious about cancelling the ticket when we called them and explained the problem, but they couldn’t refund the time and trouble the mistake caused us.

Is it enough of a problem not to use Verrus pay by phone? I don’t think so. Out of 70 or so uses, this is the first problem I’ve had, which loses out to the huge convenience of being able to renew my parking remotely, but I do wonder how often this kind of thing happens.

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  1. Maktaaq (unregistered) on August 14th, 2007 @ 9:36 am

    Having gone neck-to-neck with Impark before (and won!), I did think this time it was easier to prove our case because our account had us listed as paid and they could check from their computers. It took about 15 minutes all total, though I would have still preferred that time back to, say, eat a cheese sandwich.

  2. Mhairi Petrovic (unregistered) on August 15th, 2007 @ 10:15 am

    I once got caught out with Verrus when I gave the wrong stall number (69 instead of 96 an easy mistake to make!). Fortunately I got off with the ticket – “this time”…..

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