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The Reef food and rum! What fun.

the reef resto

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I went to The Reef [tr] last night with Lydia. We had made reservations, but because of a work schedual thing we ended up cancelling them and heading in early with no prior notice. Just like the last time I had been it was quite busy, with no seating on the patio waited about ten minutes for an inside table, and were lucky because the people who arrived just after us waited longer. Which is to say I’d make reservations if I were you.

The food is good. The rum I assume is good though not being a rummy myself I didn’t feel qualified to test it. I had the fish and chips, which was quite different than any other fish and chips combo I’d ever had with a nice light batter on a white snapper and sweet potato potato chips. I don’t think Lydia was as impressed with her curry, though she enjoyed the Johnny Cakes that we got to start the meal in place of bread at the table.

If you haven’t been to The Reef it’s surely worth checking out, though I’d either go during non-peak hours or have reservations since its popularity has eclipsed its seating.

Matthew Good: new record, new fight with the media

Vancouver singer-songwriter Matthew Good’s [mg] new album Hospital Music hit stores, the iTunes and the Amazons yesterday just in time for a scuffle with the media. Sun Media coumnist Jeremy Loome wrote a column on July 30th disagreeing with Good’s outspoken position calling for the federal government to withdraw troops from Afghanistan [es]. Loome disagreed with his position, but otherwise was rather complimentary towards Good noting, “Rock star Matthew Good has good intentions, and a well-expressed argument on Afghanistan. That alone puts him well above the maddening crowd of big-mouth celebrities.”

In response Good suggested that Sun Media (a Quebecor Media Company), which owns Vancouver’s 24 Hours but not the Vancouver Sun, was trying to hurt sales of his new record by timing the editorial on the eve of its release [mg]. Then when Sun Media ran a poll suggesting that he should shut up and just play the guitar Good cut off all interviews with their entertainment journalists around the nation. Loome himself has said that there was no editorial mandate for the article, and that he was not even aware Good had a new album coming out. He also said the poll was silly and that he didn’t agree with the inflamatory headline that ran above the article in most papers “Rocker not fighting Good fight”.

Sadly anyone with a word for a name who achieves any sort of fame is going to be the brunt of lazy headlines for the rest of their lives. I think my own interview with Good back in 2005 [teow] ran under a headline along the lines of “The Good words” or something like that. Most writers don’t get to pick their own headlines unless they’re also an editor, and so I do buy the notion that Loome had no knowledge of what was going to run above the article.

Regardless of the controversy, or possibly because of it, the album has gone to number one on Canada’s iTunes. After one listen to during my lunch hour I’m enjoying it, and have to say that “Black Helicopters” is probably one of Good’s best songs yet. “Born Losers” (the song in the included video) is a good single and hopefully will help the album’s continued sales.

They Might Be Giants @ the Commodore

They Might Be Giants [wp], possibly the greatest musical duo ever, are coming to the Commodore this September [tm]. The last time they were here they wrote the above song for Richards on Richards the last venue they played. (Note the video is introduced by the wonderful John Hodgeman).

I can’t recomend seeing the band enough. I can’t recomend buying all their albums enough. Because I know that unlike The Police, or Usher or whomever is popular with the kids these days not many of you have heard of TMBG I’ve included a few videos for your enjoyment after the jump. Check them out, love them and then go off and buy tickets for their concert, albums for your stereo and t-shirts for your torso. And if you’ve been missing the Tiny Toons, one of the videos below is from that classic animated show.

Show Information:

Artist: They Might Be Giants

Venue: The Commodore Ballroom

Date: September 25th, 2007


Filmed in Vancouver: Dark Angel


Over the next while I will be looking at a few of the good, not-so-good and great shows that have been filmed in Vancouver over the years. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

Title: Dark Angel
Stars: Jessica Alba
Canadian Content: The show is set in Seattle, which is sort of like Canada.
Lasting Impact: Jessica Alba’s career.
Good or bad: I’ll leave that up to the comments to say. I’ve never really gotten into the show, and so I have no opinion on it either way.

So far I’ve been focusing on shows that I have watched, and so can write about with some authority. Some, such as 21 Jump Street [mbv], might be a little clouded by time and memory but Dark Angel is the first show where I have only watched a few episodes, and though that’s as much screen time as a feature film it’s not the same. As such this feature will not be as extensive as some of my other ones, however if you have anything you want to add as a viewer (or even a cast/crew member) on Dark Angel feel free to either leave a note in our comments of email me [jks].

Dark Angel came at a time when everyone was still convinced that James Cameron was the next Steven Spielberg, and that everything he touched turned to gold. A few years after Titantic came the announcement that he was turning his attention to a new television series set in a post-apocalyptic future, kind of like The Terminator but the Terminator would be played by a hot chick. It was meant to be the ultimate geekgasm, science fiction nerdery married to an attractive chick and James Cameron’s directorial know-how (Cameron directed the second season’s finale which would turn out to be the show’s last episode).

Set in a post-Pulse (no I don’t know what that means either) the show never looked like the Terminator, nor any of Cameron’s screen work. Even with a fairly healthy tv budget it never even achieved the visual quality of the later Star Treks, or even other Fox shows like 24 and Firefly which would later replace Dark Angel. Star Jessica Alba seemed to spend most time on post-apocalyptic soundstages or in post-apocalypitc Stanley Park (which because it was filmed before the wind storm looks better than pre-apocalyptic Stanley Park) wearing clothing that was less from the future and more from Zellers.

Electronics Recycling: Good with the Bad


Today marks the beginning of the new BC-wide electronics recycling program, according to the CBC [cbc].

The good side of this is you’re no longer faced with the anguish of choosing between letting your dead $50 DVD player rot away in the closet, or secretly tossing it into a dumpster at night and praying it’s not one of those devices with a secret little container of Cesium-137 which is going to surface in the drinking water and render the entire population sterile in 50 years.

Electronics waste has been an increasing percentage of landfill bulk, both as a result of its physical characteristics:
– doesn’t compress well
– usually made of metal and other heavy materials
– doesn’t biodegrade
. . . and its economic ones:
– increasing popularity of electronic devices in the home
– quick rate of turnover (how often do you replace your cell phone compared to, say, your coffee table?)
– decreasing purchase costs, which make the cost of repairing broken items not feasible (and sometimes not even possible)

However, most regional and municipal governments, while touting the importance of recycling electronic devices, seldom actually provide facilities or easy processes for doing so.

Well, now the Province of BC has followed through.

. . .

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