Strike one out, two strikes remain

Dog and dog
So with one CUPE local ratifying, one CUPE local rejecting, and one CUPE local not ratifying enough, the strike is beginning to be less like a natural disaster (garbage everywhere) and more like a weather report (partly strike-y).

Being a dumb meatbag who would rather play Nintendo and teach my dog to not bark so much, maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention (I mean, what the heck, I live in the suburbs; I can’t smell the problem from here), but I have a few questions about the current state of the strike…

1) So give or take some fairly picky whistleblower rules, didn’t the inside workers just spend nearly three months out for a $1000 signing bonus?

2) Are there really still people out there fighting the “equal pay for work of equal value” fight, which essentially hinges on pretending that made-up work equivalencies have any more rigor than the current market cost of labour?

3) If you’re one of the 57% of CUPE 1004 workers who voted in favour of the agreement, how do you feel about that 2/3 majority bylaw now? And what kind of a stupid bylaw rule for ratification is that? Are they trying to divide the members amongst themselves? I can’t think of a good reason contract ratification should require a supermajority, unless the union wants to force radicalization upon itself despite the possible later misgivings of its members.

Yes, I’m tart and not particularly impressed by the labour behavior in this strike. Yes, they may be mad because they feel they didn’t get the same agreement as their fellows in other municipalities. Without assessing that, I can assure you that as someone who got about half as much of a raise in my last contract agreement as the CUPE members were offered, I’m not sure differential agreements are as comparable as they think, or as important a principle as they think.

And the question I really, most sincerely want answered is my third one. 66%? Really? Isn’t the majority of local 1004 just kinda throwing up a little inside of their collective mouths at the moment?

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