The strike rolls on and on

And on.

What seemed like a break in at least part of the strike ended up more a hollow victory than anything. The city’s inside workers returned to their jobs yesterday as their union decided to accept the city’s offer [cbc]. Except not at all locations, because anywhere that inside workers worked alongside outside workers is still a picket zone, and the inside workers will not cross the picket line. Which means that we continue to be screwed, and will continue to be screwed for the foreseeable future.

If this doesn’t end soon the city’s bloggers are going to run out of material.

Actually that’s already happening, the strike has gone on so long that the Vancouver blogging scene’s starting to recycle comedic material from other blogs. Maybe it was natural that using an animal related to the piles of garbage would be comedic fodder for personification, but now that Beyond Robson is using that shtick it’s hard not to conclude it’s jumped the shark.

From Metroblogging Vancouver September 17th:

“I hate to say it, but I think the Mayor has fallen under the influence of the powerful Fruit Fly Lobby.”

Later we revisited the joke at the start of October, in time for Beyond Robson to pick it up and run with it, substituting rats for fruit flies.

From Beyond Robson October 9th:

“Meanwhile the rats have set up blogs to try to influence the vote.”

They’ve gone back to that well a few times since then. At least recycling cuts down on the waste.

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