Popcorn for dinner

Last week, I got to see a screening of a movie called Things We Lost in the Fire courtesy of Women In Film & Television in Vancouver. I can’t turn down a free movie, but after someone told me the film was heavily approved by Oprah, I kind of knew I wasn’t the target market for the film. And honestly, after buying that crap book by the con man author (who shall remain nameless, but you know who he is) that Oprah brought on to her show twice – once to give him huge kudos and then a second time to rake him over the coals – I will always question her recommendations. My scathing review is here, if you’re interested. ANYWAY, the point is, I got to see a free movie and had popcorn for dinner at Tinseltown. I love that weird mall right near Chinatown. It’s such a mishmash of stores and empty spaces and has cool tiles on the main floor. It also has great Christmas decorations, not to mention those huge firecrackers and giant coins that dangle from the ceiling for Chinese New Year.

I did go to the mall over an hour early to pick up my tickets and then had some time to check out a new store in the mall called Yokoyaya 123. It’s like a mini-Daiso at the Aberdeen Mall (and looking at that website, it looks like they are owned by the same company) in Richmond. Everything in the store is priced at 1, 2, or 3 dollars. They have cutesy little Japanese tchochkes and other funky kitchen items and some special occasion decorations. It’s no Daiso – mainly because it lacks a good selection of crafty supplies, but it’s not bad in a pinch when you need some dollar store items. Or, when you need a big bag of jasmine rice for only $3.

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