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H&M @ Pacific Centre


Throughout the past couple of years we here at the Vancouver Metroblog have posted about the opening of H&M in Vancouver with speculations as to where and then finally when it was decided on Coquitlam…why?

Well it’s confirmed that it’s official (via their official Facebook group) that Pacific Centre will be getting one of it’s own in time for Spring 2008. I can’t quite remember who pointed out the fact that every new area H&M opens in they start of first in the suburb and that’s exactly what they’ve done here. Measured the response and now they’re deploying in the more accessible Downtown Vancouver.

Before Johnny was there Chuck?


Could “Chuck Canuck” have preceded Johnny Canuck as the Vancouver team’s logo or mascot? He’s wearing the stick and rink logo so it must have been in the 70s. Island blogger, hockey aficionado and radio announcer “Hammer” has a few details up on Bulldog Blog. If anyone has any more information about “Chuck” please, feel free to comment… and enlighten.

Tulips and Emergency Room Services in Surrey

Surrey is already a beautiful place. The City of Park has mountain views, farm land, meadows, forests and too many parks to count on your fingers and toes alone. If you can get yourself past the South end of the Pattullo Bridge, you’ll find this out for yourself. Want to help it even more exceptionally good-looking? Want to do that AND help with the development and upgrade of BC’s busiest Emergency Room?

Called Tulips for Tomorrow, the appeal offers donors an opportunity to help beautify Surrey, as well as ensure Surrey Memorial Hospital receives a state-of-the-art replacement to its current, overcrowded E.R. “We have close to 100,000 tulip bulbs to spread throughout the city,” says Foundation President/CEO Jane Adams. “From now until the end of the year, donors of $100 or more to the Emergency Centre Campaign can pick up a number of bulbs for themselves. They also have the option of contributing those tulips to the beautification program.” [Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation]

With a donation (of $100 or more) you will receive a voucher to pick up tulips from David Hunter Garden Centres or 99 Nursery & Florist. You can plant them wherever you like but there are also several ‘designated planting sites’ scattered throughout the city – the South end of the Pattullo Bridge being one of them.

Surrey Memorial Hospital’s current ER – the busiest in B.C. – was designed to handle about 44,000 visits a year but has instead been seeing close to 70,000 patients a year.

The new Emergency Centre, at triple the size of the current facility, will include a separate children’s ER, as well as a separate mental health and addictions area, an enhanced minor treatment unit, and an improved area for acute patients. [SMHFoundation]

To find out more or to donate online, visit the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation website.

And in the crafty news department…

I was invited to go to the Canadian book launch of local author, Kim Werker. Her new crochet book is “Crochet Me: Designs to Fuel the Crochet revolution”. Another Vancouverite, Cynthia of Hula-la Design, did some of the technical and non-technical illustrations for this book.

There are spaces still available for the book launch, so you can RSVP if you’d like to attend:

When: October 23, from 6 – 9 p.m
Where: Urban Yarns in Point Grey
Where to RSVP : Send an email here or call them at 604-228-1122

I met Kim Werker once at the Fibrefestival in Abbotsford a few years ago after reading her website I was all excited to meet her. It kind of felt like I was meeting someone famous. I’ll bring my camera to this event and add another photo to my Paparazzi collection. Currently my famous people photos include: The Trailer Park Boys, Gene Simmons and Elizabeth Hurley.

We all need a strong (holiday) drink


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

The mind boggles that there has been eggnog [wp] on store shelves since September. Am I the only one who while loving the drink would actually expect it to start being sold in November and vanish by the end of January? Why was it being sold in September, and why can you go to most Vancouver grocery stores and pick up a carton today?

The boggled mind makes leaps in logic, looking for patterns where none may exist, but could I be the first to suggest that Mayor Fruitfly [mbv] has been abusing his position and using the power of City Hall to strong arm Dairyland into producing the sweet beverage early at the command of the powerful Fruit Fly Lobby who wants the sweet sweet necture of empty eggnog cartons added to our garbage collected in the spare bedroom? Or is it to make us all think it’s the holidays so we’ll stop worring and learn to love the garbage?

Meanwhile the striking workers have taken up arms against their oppresors who are apparently violinists [cbc]. Yup, hitting violinists in the groin is the new form of protest. We’ll know the union is getting real serious when they start taking out the clarinet players’ knee caps. This is all distracting us from the real enemy, the private garbage collectors [cbc].

In conclusion: This strike started while we were still recovering from being hung over after Canada Day and it’s still going on and we’re starting to mix eggnog drinks. Our Mayor is possibly under some sort of insect mind control, the unions are reliving high school and beating up the band geeks and the rest of us are just hoping to avoid the Black Death at least until the real holiday season*.

*Note: due to budget overruns and construction delays the holiday season has been delayed until March 2009.

Skating Under Robson…Again

In 2000 the outdoor ice rink at Robson Square closed down. It had been in operation since 1982 but with a lack of funding and other speculated issues it hasn’t been operational since that time. In the winter of 2008, GE has stepped up as a sponsor to get this going again, in the spirit of the 2010 games.

The sponsoring agreement with the multinational American conglomerate means the ice rink at Robson Square should be back in operation by the winter of 2008.


The GE brand presence at Robson Square will expire in 2010 unless the corporate giant renews its sponsoring agreement. [The Vancouver Sun]

I LOVE ice skating but I’m unsure if or when I’ll be able to get over there during a lunch break and it will more than likely be crowded with tourists that flow over from Robson Street above. Regardless, I’m looking forward to seeing the rink in action again.

Let’s Get Freaky – Haunted Vancouver Tours

We’ve told you about the Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tours before and they’re back again this year for another couple of weeks of spooky tales.

…as the trolley manoeuvres its way through the streets, hear stories of eerie spirit sightings and tales of Vancouver’s most infamous murders and hauntings. Visit Mountain View Cemetery home to 92,000 grave sites and 145,000 interred remains and witness an autopsy at the Old City Morgue. [Vancouver Museum]

  • October 12 – 31, 2007
  • Tours depart from 6pm until 9:20pm daily

With tickets at $27 a pop in advance, a group option (with $5 off for 10 people or more) seems like the way to go. This year, you can actually book an entire trolley for a large group (34 people). “Vancouver bloggers go wild on a crazy haunted trolley ride” – I can totally see it now.

Three new terms for Vancouver’s usage


Originally uploaded by Cassandra’s Eye.

Three new terms for the citizens of Vancouver that come from the language of the civic strike.

– Vancouverfication: The process of covering something with garbage and making it smell like crap. Usage: “To prevent the Vancouverfication of the Skytrain Translink have been encouraging people to pick up their own garbage up after themselves.”

– Mayor Fruitfly: Our Mayor Sam Sullivan who has done more for the local fruit fly population than any overripe orange [mbv]. Usage: “Mayor Fruitfly was seen enjoying a nice banana between meetings.”

– Oppertunage: We used to call it garbage but now that we have to store it in our front hall we’d better find a new name for it. From crisis comes oppertunity, and thus we have oppertunage. Usage: “I think the cat’s been eating the oppertunage and that’s why she keep vomiting.”

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