No, it’s still not coming to Canada


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Hey bloggers, want some quick hits on your blog? Then just do the following, claim that the iPhone is about to be released in Canada and reuse the same fake ad that’s been floating around the internet for the past six months. I noticed a significant pickup in the number of people coming through the store asking about the iPhone the last few days and it appears that once again bloggers have faked a story saying Rogers is about to get it and that stores are taking pre-orders.

That’s completely untrue. I’d link to one of the blogs but a) I don’t want to give them the traffic since they’re just link bait, b) the site that I found it on keeps crashing my browser which is always a testament to poor web design.

If the iPhone was coming this year it would already be announced and on store shelves for Christmas. When/if it does come to Canada you’ll hear about it, and not just through bloggers that nobody has seen before, it’s not like either Rogers or Apple are media shy, they’re not going to sneak it onto the shelves without telling anyone. My guess is that the earliest we’d see it is Feb-March after Macworld. It’s possible that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will roll out the next set of nations ready for iPhone-age during his keynote address, but I am pretty sure that we won’t see it before then.

Still now all you new bloggers have the secret weapon to getting hits. Please use it wisely.

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