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Kids love them


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I suspected that the kids would love the new Olympic Mascots and after seeing them interacting with the public at The Bay today I guess I’ve been proven right. Kids freaking love the three mascots, and seeing them in person seemed to be a treat for children.

Granted it’s possible that kids are dumb and The Bay could have wheeled out any sort of animals and as long as they had big eyes and plush exteriors kids would have fallen for them, but for the intended purpose the ones choosen to represent our Olympics seem to work.

Unsilent Night Vancouver

Living in the West End I’ve witnessed hockey playoff revelers, fireworks crowds, zombies and naked bike rides. This holiday season is no exception when it comes to throngs of people blurring past my window making some kind of noisy and somewhat amusing raucous.

Unsilent Night started in 1992 in New York, and has become incredibly popular, often attracting crowds numbering in the thousands. Participants carry boomboxes, each playing a separate track of music contributing their own voice to the sound that is Unsilent Night. [TrevorO]

What could be more fun that being in a mob of people all cranking tunes walking across downtown Vancouver?

San Francisco 2006

If you want to participate you need to bring something that will play sound, and then get your paws on some tunes. You can download the mp3 from a website or show up early (@ 6:45pm) to score a tape or CD.

  • When: Sunday December 23, 2007 @ 7:00pm
  • Where: Starting at English Bay Park (Beach Ave at Bidwell) and trekking up to Robson Square.
  • Why: Be a part of a moving block-long sound system, “the more tracks we play, the bigger and more amazing the sound is.”

…Meaning I won’t be getting much sleep on the 23rd, oh well. More information is available at the Unsilent Night website.

Smokey Seabus Causes Scene

Last night there was smoke billowing out of a Seabus at the terminal at Waterfront. We have an eye witness report from Dave Olson, local blogger, podcaster and social media evangelist.

The Seabus (not sure if it was the Otter or the Beaver) began smoking heavily upon docking at Waterfront Station. After passengers disembarked and crew investigated the problem, the station was evacuated and firetrucks responded. The counterpart vessel waited in Burrard Inlet and didn’t immediately dock. [NowPublic]

But that’s not all… he’s also got video capture on his cell phone:

and here:

Turns out it was the “Otter” which should now be back in service. When Translink‘s site, i-Move and other usual sources fail to provide sufficient information or updates about an event like this, I’m glad I can turn to local bloggers to provide the missing pieces of the story.

Pickton’s conviction says more about us than we’d like to admit


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Truthfully I have not been following the Robert William Pickton [wp] Trial with any keen interest. I get a sense that people are just tired of it, most of us having made up our minds about his guilt as we watched footage of the RCMP and VPD combing through his pig farm. He deserved a trial, and he got one, and now he will fade off into memory; just a supposed aberration and footnote in Vancouver’s history.

He’s been convicted [cbc] but before we let him become just a bad memory, we should be asking questions of the city, the police and ourselves about how a man managed to kill so many women over such a long period of time before he was caught. Do we just not care enough about each other, or was it because they were for the most part from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside?

Well before I was born, my uncle who had a drug problem moved from Edmonton to Vancouver and vanished from the Downtown Eastside. None of my family ever heard from him again, and to this day nobody knows what happened to him. We’ve stopped being worried about what happens to the people there, and now we as a city are faced with a man who has been convicted of killing six people, charged with twenty more murders and suspected of nearly fifty.


Dating lessons at the Bay

I’m at the Bay as a holiday vendor (don’t ask), and across from me is a middle aged Asian guy trying to teach a group of four men how to hit on women. It’s a real professional dating course right ouf of Magnolia. He’s just demonstrated by hitting on two women and is now giving them an assignment to go out and try to hit on as many women as they can and before they meet up later.

It’s absolutely surreal. He just hit on an undercover Bay security employee who probably should have thrown the lot of them out but didn’t. It’s completely mind blowing because I think these people are paying for this.

Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, I once went to Exectuive Search Dating [esd] when I first moved to Vancouver and was shocked to discover they had a $10,000 life time membership where they’d set you up on dates with young women for the rest of your life. This city is single, has money and needs sex.

Back to the dating team at the Bay, I feel like following them around with my phone and live blogging it.

The rest of BC is filled with cuddly animals

Never jaywalk!

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Two top stories from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation today happen to focus on the rest of British Columbia, also known as “Not Vancouver” and both involve fuzzy animals.

I’m from Kelowna and most of my freelancing still happens in the interior so I’m there on a regular basis. The last few times I’ve been there I could swear that I noticed an abnormally large number of rabbits on the green spaces at the side of the road. Especially around the old Western Star plant off the highway, it was bunny central to a degree that put even the University of Victoria to shame.

It turns out the rabbit population explosion is not only just a feverish dream on my part, but also a real thing and it’s starting to worry people in the interior. As the rabbit population begins to outgrown urban Kelowna the surrounding farmlands are bracing for the rabbits to move in on their produce [cbc].

A rabbit breeder named Roxane Woldenga is estimating that there could be over 3,000 semi-wild rabbits lose in Kelowna and she notes:

“If they start spreading into farmland, the Okanagan will be overwhelmed. The European domestic rabbit isn’t meant to live feral in our urban society. In the urban setting, there’s not enough food. They will eat their way to the next field, and the one after that.”

The city civic government is trying to stay out of the issue, suggesting that it’s up to property owners to deal with their own pest problems.

Meanwhile the big news around Nelson is about the cat that survived 26 days out on a ledge [cbc]. From now on I think all the CBC should report on in Not Vancouver is stories involving fluffy mammals.

Langara College creates The Department of Solutions

Department of Solutions – Episode 1 on

Students in Langara College’s Film Arts program have been creating a series of web episodes based on a fictional government agency The Department of Solutions. According to their submitted suggest a story post the shorts follow “the adventures of Quincy, an idealistic young public servant who dreams of changing the world through paperwork.” Having watched the first three today I have to say they’re well worth clicking on this link [tds] to visit their site which has all the episodes.

New episodes get added on Mondays and Thursdays, so click early and click often.

Steveston Spectacle of Lights

It’s officially December, the Christmas music is gaining traction with it being overheard all over town. It’s winter magic with our last sprinkling of snow.

Although not quite as big a spectacle as some other productions, Steveston has been doing their Spectacle of Lights celebration each year and I’ve watched the turnout increase each year. With family friendly things like hay wagon rides and musical processions it’s a great enjoyable event to go to, as opposed to the boozy holiday parties and what not.

It’s a Vanilla Frosty that will save Cambie Street

Vanilla Frosty

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Maybe they’re going to be rolling them out across Canada, or maybe it’s just a Hail Mary Pass [wp] marketing promotion to try to save a location that’s getting the screws put to it by City Hall, but the Cambie Street Wendy’s is selling the Vanilla Frosty. Now granted its next to impossible to get to the Cambie location from downtown thanks to the Cambie-riffic traffic situation.

I haven’t been to a Wendy’s in a while, other than the Cambie one to sample the Vanilla Frosty, so I don’t know if they’re being sold at other locations but help if you’re curious about a treat that Americans have been enjoying for awhile then make plans to head on over.

While you’re there stop by some of the local stores and do some shopping. Let’s face it as much as the Skytrain needs expanding and as much of an investment in the future it is, they’re getting royally fucked over by the whole situation.

Thanks to Magpie & Cake

I had planned to put together a list of all the Christmas craft fairs happening around town over the next couple of weeks and found the work had already been done by these fine bloggers. Magpie & Cake have already compiled a very fine list of what’s coming up over the next few weeks. I just wish I had found it sooner. Thanks guys!

And here’s something else I didn’t realize was happening – winter farmers’ markets. There’s one this weekend at the Wise Hall and another one December 22nd.

Enjoy your local holiday shopping options! I know I will.

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