Apple Store @ Pacific Centre: the hiring has begun

Pacific Centre

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If you’ve been waiting by the phone, or the email, for a reply about your job application you submitted to the Apple Store opening in Pacific Centre that you sent in after reading about the imminent opening here [mbv], then keep your fingers crossed because the first wave of people are being contacted via email for telephone interviews.

Sadly that first wave, at least I hope it’s just the first wave, does not include me. Apparently I’m completely unemployable. You lucky sods who did get a call back can feel free to comment about the experience in the comments. For this one time feel free to use fake names or no names at all, we can let it slide in exchange for some juicy inside gossip.

Heck maybe we can get Apple to sue us like Think Secret and I won’t need a job, I’ll just take my out of court settlement and buy myself an island.

Edit: I’d like to point out for those of you who seem to believe I’m some sort of billionaire who mines gold doubloons off the posts of the bloggers here, that since I don’t actually own Metroblogging Vancouver I wouldn’t be the one getting any out of court settlement.

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