Dine Out Vancouver 2008: The Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger

Every Year Tourism Vancouver puts on Dine Out Vancouver [tv] which provides an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to try some of Vancouver’s best restaurants at a reasonable price. The event runs from January 16th through to February 3rd. The other night my girlfriend Lydia and I went to The Flying Tiger [tv]. For my foodie girlfriend’s review of the meal go here [mm]. For my less accomplished tongue’s take on the meal read on.

The Flying Tiger
2958 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

After going to Bistro Pastis [mbv] and Aurora Bistro [mbv] so far on my year of meals for Dine Out Vancouver I was actually glad to discover upon arrival that The Flying Tiger was quite a bit more laid back than our first two resturant choices. With a televsion in one corner showing sports, and relaxed ambient music throughout the resturant it certainly had a different vibe than we’d experianced previously.

We were quickly seated at a table by the open kitchen. In most resturants “by the kitchen” is code for the shitty seats, because you get tied up in the flood of activity of food going in and and plus the heat from the kitchen plays havok with the temperature. None of that was a factor, and being able to watch the kitchen staff turn out meals gave us an enticing preview of what we were about to be served.

I started with the Togarashi Tuna (pictured above), which was actually quite spicy. I’m generally not keen on spicy foods, but the tuna was so good that I pushed on. The inclusion of some cool soba noodles to keep my mouth from catching fire was a nice addition. Lydia enjoyed her starter which was the Salt Spring Island Mussels with Chili Fry Bread, I wasn’t a fan of the curry sauce they came in but she enjoyed them.

Flying Tiger

For the first, and so far only time, this Dine Out season we both ordered the same selection, and that was for our main the Pulled Duck Confit Crepes. The crepes, which required some IKEA style user assembly, where excellent. The duck was tender, the included cucumber and herbs allowed us to customize each bite to our own liking. There was ample meat, and even after I had used my last crepe I had duck left over to enjoy on its own.

I finished off with the chocolate banana, and though it wasn’t a Bluth style frozen banana it was still quite a treat. Not too sweet, and not too much to take away from the memory of the excellent meal that had preceded it.

The Flying Tiger is definitly one place that we’re planning on going back to, and certainly one that I would recomend. Unlike the other two resturants we’ve eaten at for Dine Out it’s relaxed enough that I don’t think it’s got to be a big deal to eat there. It could be a “special occasion” destination, but it could just as well be a place to meet up with some friends for a few beers and a some good South-East Asian appies. A nice change from the fries and wings at your typical pub.

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