I’ll take another snow day, please.

I have to give a big thumbs up to Translink and the District of Burnaby & the City of Vancouver (and whoever takes care of our roads during inclement weather). My best two days of commuting have been these last two snow days. I mean it.

Yesterday: I had to make another trip to the bank due to ANOTHER episode* of fraudulent transactions to our account. Only, this time not only was a duplicate card used to withdraw money out of our account, there was the added surprise of the people making a “deposit” of fifteen hundred non-existent dollars in an attempt to trick the bank machine to take out more money. Lucky for us, the bank machine didn’t fall for it and stopped all action into and out of our account, which I found out at the grocery store on Monday night. ANYWAY…

Yesterday the weather was grim, and despite having only all-season tires on the car, I was able to inch my way a block and a half to Hastings Street from our place and then experienced smooth sailing down Hastings and up Clark to Kingsway. Unfortunately our branch was closed when I got there. Not due to the weather, but because it was attached to that Loony Store that caught on fire the night before. I was instructed to get help with my debit card problems at another location. I was able to get downtown easily from Kingsway. The drive home to Burnaby was a breeze. No traffic and plenty of traction on the road.

Today: Got on the bus this morning after waiting 2 whole minutes and shared the bus with about 12 other people. Total luxury.

I have to say, I had it very good these last two day. Thanks city worker people!

*Please note: when I spoke to the fraud department today, the person did not find my story surprising. She told me that people are getting hit multiple times by this scam as the “card readers” get moved around from store to store around various areas. Highlights of this conversation included “fast food restaurants” and “organized crime”. Since I’ve seen every episode of The Sopranos, I think I understand what’s up now. I just have to sign a form and the money will be returned to our account.

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