The Vancouver Five: Canadian snow

snow & the city

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We’ve got the snow, here are five more ways to feel a little more Canadian and a little less West Coast this week.

5) Drink Molson’s and loudly repeat all of its marketing slogans. Remember the one where Samatha Bee’s husband said all those things about Canada and then got tied up and put in a jet? That made us all feel better about drinking beer, right?

4) Find the real deep meanings inside Nickleback songs. I mean this is emotional shit, don’t you feel it? Also combine this with number five and enjoy some cold ones while driving [cjm]. This is how you remind me of something and something else…

3) Send Mayor Sullivan to Afghanistan to support the troops. I hear Kandahar could use some Eco-Density [ss].

2) Skip yoga and spend the day in a Tim Horton’s. Hmmm donuts, is there nothing they can’t do?

1) Put pants on. Really I don’t care what hip spot you’re going to in Yaletown, it’s too cold to be outside in a skirt that goes up to there even if you did shave your legs.

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