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Canstruction 2008 is happening right now

EEK! Alligator!
It’s that time again – time for the food drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. There are about a dozen or so sculptures this year located at the Cruise Ship Terminal at Canada Place. This year there’s a cash donation required to enter (the amount is up to you) and canned food also being accepted. It will be open all weekend, so there’s still time to see the teapot and Winnie the Pooh made out of cans. And a giant Scrabble Game, but it’s not made of cans, so I’m not quite sure why it was there, but it is. Times and dates are on the Canstruction Vancouver website.

Douglas College Coquitlam Campus Closed After Threat

According to the Douglas College website, the David Lam Campus in Coquitlam will be closed tomorrow, February 29th while police investigate a specific threat made against the campus.

The threat was received on February 27th, and the college is working with investigators to deal with the threat. 

Specific details regarding the nature of the threat itself have not been divulged, but the campus is to be closed from 11pm tonight until 7am on Saturday, March 1st, at which time the campus will re-open.

All classes, events and services scheduled for tomorrow have been cancelled, and all staff and students are requested to stay away from the campus.

More information will be available at the website ( or by calling 604.527.5452

Surfing the Nardwuar YouTube channel

Local interviewer, college radio god and living art project Nardwuar the Human Serviette has had a YouTube channel for over a year now [yt]. Made up mostly from his clips that appeared on Much Music, generally on Coast to Coast, it also includes some of his earliest clips including his infamous questioning of Prime Minister Chr├ętien that lead the PM to say that for him pepper spray was something that he put on his plate after the pepper spraying of activists and protesters at UBC protesting the APEC meetings. In addition there’s also a few videos for his band The Evaporators.

If you’ve got time to kill it’s worth watching a few videos and enjoying the truly unique Vancouver institution.

The Vancouver Beetle: that thing again

Water Spring Beatle

Originally uploaded by masine.

Link from Beyond Robson [br].

I feel giddy this morning thanks to an article/post from Only magazine [om] taking issue with the tourist attraction that is the blue Beetle that is covered in crap. The first time I saw it it was kind of amusing in the way a YouTube video of a dog skateboarding is amusing, but once I realized that it’s always downtown and it’s always a three ring circus I started to get annoyed.

So who finds it magical? I refer you to Only who note that it’s tourists in “the blissful state of a holiday who don’t know any better, and are starved for something even remotely interesting.”

Things The Sun does not understand: soccer, video games, movies…


Newspapers are for the most part fairly professionally made. I mean you might not love The Province but when you read it you get the sense that for the most part people within its offices know what they’re doing when it comes out to putting out a paper. They might not know how to make a website that doesn’t make the eyes bleed, but they’re at least good enough at their jobs to put out a newspaper once a day that are readable.

Every so often though it all seems to fall apart. Here is the sound of it falling apart for The Vancouver Sun [tp]. I don’t know who someone would blame for this mess that gets the title “Video games and Tinseltown stars hit Vancouver”. It seems very much like a reporter being sent to cover a topic she knew nothing about, and that the editors above her knew anything about it. Add to that the fact that it’s two different topics, that while could be brought in under one article end up sort of acting as two seperate articles floating around in the same place.

For a real pedantic tear down of the article look after the jump.

Vancouver Tournament of Blogs nominations still open

Powerbook keyboard

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The first annual Metroblogging Vancouver Tournament of Blogs is about to start. Make sure you get your favorite local blog nominated by copying the bold type just above this and pasting it in our comments section and then filling everything out. Win or lose all the blogs entered in the tournament will hopefully get some new readers as we’ll be doing our best to drive traffic around the local blogosphere. Even readers can enter they’re favorite blogs.

Nominations will be closing on Monday.

More pimping of the Northern Voice


According to Jeffery, I’m rich since I’m at this event. Sweet. I had no idea. I’ll go to the bank and inform them of this turn of events.

This morning’s keynote speaker was Matt Mullenweg – creator of WordPress and serious spam hater. He’s a great speaker and pointed out how facebook ripped off the wordpress design. Also, did you consider getting invites on facebook spam? I never thought of it before today, but in Matt’s opinion, it certainly is. I would have to agree, but I don’t mind that kind of spam as it’s coming from my mother-in-law mostly. And who doesn’t like to get a facebook poke?

After Matt’s talk, I sat in Dave Olson’s session called “F&*% Stats, Make Art. He’s clever and funny. Dave’s big into the podcast side as well. I also spoke to him briefly after he spoke – very gracious.

I’m not sure what I’m going to blog about next. I have been very preoccupied with this event. So, now what?

Vancouver Five: Not at Northern Voice

Northern Voice 2008

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Northern Voice [nv] is up and going and all of Vancouver’s coolest bloggers are there. Are you? No neither am I, but I suppose that’s what we get for not registering, paying money or attempting to attend. So with all due respect to the confernece, which we’ve been pimping for awhile now, here are five excuse for why you weren’t at Northern Voice. I’ll be using all five.

5) You don’t have one of those New Media Web 2.0 Social Media Twitter Media Facebook Techcouver Media jobs: I mean who can afford to take a three day weekend in this economy? I’ll tell you who, rich people. Or people who had better career councilors than me. Mine suggested the army, or seal clubbing. I end up disapointing everyone and ending up in the amoral world of sales.

4) This internet thing is just a fad: I didn’t go to a conference on Tickle Me Elmo when that’s all that people were talking about. I’m sure we’re all going to get over this and go onto the next new thing, which presumably will be fuzzy and smell like peaches.

3) Your Macbook Air hasn’t arrived: Some one is going to be there with their eeePC and your Air is still in the clutches of FedEx. If you had shown up with your lame old G4 Powerbook everyone would call you a n00b or something. It’d be almost as bad as that time you accidently called Councilor Troi, Doctor Crusher at the Star Trek convention.

2) You’re bed ridden: Scurvey is a good excuse for missing anything. As is SARS or Bird Flu. Don’t worry you can follow it from bed [m604].

1) You’ve got a bug up your nose like I have [mbv]: I’ll admit it I get annoyed when people talk like some how bloggers are going to replace mainstream media. Sure I’ll agree that the news is increasingly going to move online, but time and time again it seems proven that you can’t just Wiki and crowd source everything. Sometimes you actually need to pay trained people to do work and write stories. Otherwise whose going to put the stories on that NowPublic links to?

Checking in from The Northern Voice

Well, I’m here! And I managed to figure out how to log onto wifi with my old school lap top. Wow. Is it ever OLD. I’m very aware of this as I am surrounded by all types of gear heads and computer gear enthusiasts. I’ve attended one un-lecture/great big discussion about wikis and have added myself to the Northern Voice’s Wiki for the photo camp happening after lunch today.

So far I’ve run into Isabella, Jan and David – all local bloggers and I think I’ll add their blogs to the local blog-off tournament. I also met one blogger from New York who came to Vancouver specifically for this conference. Cool, no?

The location is excellent – the Forestry Building is beautiful and open and with the sun streaming in through the glass ceiling? This is a great venue.

Sadly, I’m unable to upload pictures at the moment as the camera cable is sitting on my desk at home. But there’s always tomorrow and there’s always Rebecca’s Blog. She’s ALL geared up.

Follow Northern Voice from your throne

Northern Voice 2008 – 06

Originally uploaded by chrisheuer.

If you’re like me and missing out on this weekend’s Northern Voice, underway now, then you might be the sort that’s interested in following it via the internet tubes. Our own Rebecca Bollwitt Miss604 has assembled the handy ways to follow all the action from the comfort of your Wi-Fi network [m604]. She’s also got a live stream of video if you like sound and moving images more than words [m604].

As I type this myself and four other people are sitting at our computers watching three people look awkwardly into the camera. Now they seem to be trying to figure out the overhead projector technology. Curses foiled by analogue again. Errmm…. I’m sure it’ll pick up.

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