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facebook does what?

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Yeah, we all know that Facebook is dying. Matthew Good has left it. My girlfriend has left it. It used to be about the music, but now all it’s about is getting application invites from that one chick you didn’t like that much in high school and have not really grown closer to in the ten years since graduation. It’s so 2007, and this is 2008 baby.

Still we here at Metroblogging Vancouver are always dedicated to harnessing last year’s technology and fads to better serve you the readers. That’s right we set up a Metroblogging Vancouver Facebook page [fb] and you can be our fans. What being a fan entails is beyond me, I suppose it would be nice if you threw money at us everytime you spotted one of our bloggers on the street but that’s not mandatory.

Come, be our fan and we’ll do whatever it is that organizations do for people who become their fans on Facebook. Possibly try to make you into digital vampires or pirates, I’m not quite clear on it.

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