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A very Vancouver specific Birthday to you


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

I saw this birthday card in an IGA on Main Street. It’s very Vancouver, and very Expo ’86. Has anyone ever recieved a birthday card like this one?

Did you get the right My Little Pony doll you were wanting, or did you get the Wayne Gretzky Barbie Doll?

Vancouver Tournament of Blog: nominations still open

Vancouver’s city lights

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Apparently nobody is interested in reading five paragraphs of rules and musings in order to enter their favorite Vancouver blogs into the Metroblogging Vancouver’s first annual Tournament of Blogs. So we’ll make it easy, just copy the form below and paste it into the comments to nominate your favorite local reads. Ideally your favorite reads are not your own blog.

Nominations are open until Monday.

Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Author’s Name (If Known):

Catagories to choose from:
– neighborhood specific
– group blogs
– sports blogs
– health
– Vancouver specific blogs
– photography
– personal
– the famous peoples’ blogs
– mainstream media blogs
– political blogs
– cooking / food
– technology
– Popples
– music

Reviving Vancouver Film Post Ledger?

As mentioned earlier in the post by Jeffery, the death of Heath Ledger alongside the writer’s strike caused many job losses in our local film industry. Well, according to the CBC that is.

Remember the days when 21 Jump Street was filmed here? Well Johnny Depp will apparently be re-familiarizing himself with our city as he, Jude Law and Colin Farrell will be coming to town to replace Heath Ledger’s character in the upcoming Terry Gilliam flick.

Let’s hope this situation along with the vote that ended the writer’s strike will mean a quick recovery and resurgence of jobs for our local and vital film industry.

Will English football come to Vancouver?


Following on the heels of other major sports leagues expanding their fanbase and their brand around the world, the top league in English football (soccer) the Premier League has announced that as of 2011 that all of its teams will play one competitive match a season overseas. The idea has met with opposition across England who see the proposal upsetting the delicate balance that is football tradition [av]. With football’s world governing body FIFA against the idea, it is still not clear whether or not the oversea’s game will happen.

If it does go through though Vancouver could be poised to be one of the cities to hold a match, especially if the new waterfront stadium that the Whitecaps have been wanting is finally built [vwc]. Assuming we don’t totally make a mess of the Olympics we will also have a very good deal of experiance running world class sporting events. Asia might be where the Premier League is looking, but we’re still going to be an attractive city.

What would Vancouver gain? Well the Whitecaps would have a way to show off what a wonderful experiance watching a soccer game in their new stadium can be, and in turn ideally pick up a few new season ticket holders. Also though clearly not as much of an impact as the Olympics, there would be a tourist upswing for the match with both teams bringing in support not only from England but from across North America.

Currently it’s a pipe dream. Opposition to the plan is strong enough both in England and in football’s governing bodies that it probably won’t happen. Yet exhibition matches between top European teams have been played in Seattle, with Celtic and Manchester United playing there a few years ago, and with the success of the Whitecaps / LA Galaxy friendly at GM Place more top level football could be being played in Vancouver very soon.

Vancouver Blog: Tournament of Blogs nominations

I won

So completely and totally ripping off Metroblogging Seattle [mbs] we are going to be starting up a tournament of blogs, though we’ll have to find some new metaphor for describing the way things are going to be run because the NCAA basketball playoff thing isn’t something that us Canadians understand on the same level as Americans.

Think of it like the Stanley Cup Playoffs. First off we will do nominations, all nominated blogs will be put into even numbered groups based on catagory. Then through the rounds that follow blogs will be pitted against each other in a vote which will be open to anyone with internet access. The winner of each vote will go on to fight the next round until there’s only one blog in each catagory. The catagory winners will then be paired off and the carnage will continue until there is only one. The winner will recieve a prize of being the best blog in Vancouver and a trophy that we will either make or buy from a thrift store. It might have a bowler on the top, it might be a curling trophy, we’re not clear on that yet.

What do you have to do? Well for the next week we will be taking nominations for Vancouver blogs. The blogs have to be either by a writer living in Vancouver or about Vancouver. To nominate a blog fill copy the form below, paste it into the comments and fill it out. We will then take the blogs, divide them into catagories, add our own nominations and then begin.

The rules and the form are after the jump. Nominations will be open until next Monday, letting everyone nominate their new favorite reads they discovered at Northern Voice [nv].

The Vancouver Five: World Records


With the Jim Pattison Group buying up Guinness World Records [ts] one has to wonder why Pattison wants to add that to the Ripley’s Believe It or Not franchise to his list of holdings. Does he just want to corner the market on freaks? Here are five possible reasons for his purchase.

5) The man with six foot long fingernails willing to work shifts less than four hours [mbv].

4) Jimmy wants to get his own score at Donkey Kong into the Guinness Book of World Records [wp] but can’t get past 673 points.

3) Pattison has a thing for Elaine Davidson the world’s most pierced woman [gbwr].

2) There is a theory that if one were to drink the blood of the world’s oldest man it would grant immortality. Guinness has that man’s home address.

1) It’s all part of the coverup of the assasination of Guinness Book of World Records founder Ross McWhirter [wp], the world thinks it’s was the Irish Republican Army but the truth will be buried along with Jim Pattison.

Vancouver Blogger Five: Blogs


What’s going on in the Vancouver blogosphere with the blogorati. What other words can we basterdize to mash the word blog into? Oh just wait. All the blogs are in our handy blogroll. Want to be in our blog roll? Be a Vancouver blog/blogger and let us know that you exsist. Also a link back here would be nice if we’re throwing one up for you, but having surfed through most of the blogs in our roll it appears that such blogeiquette isn’t quite the norm around these parts.

5) The Vancouver Manifesto wants to bring back the block party [vm]. The actual party on a block, not the band. When I lived in Westbank I was at a block party with Greg Adams for he was my neighbor. If we could make Greg Adams and other members of the ’94 Canucks go to block parties all around British Columbia then I’d be in favour of mandatory

4) Yo! What’s the haps? is 6% more evil this year than last year [ywth]. That’s a real statistic not a made up one. The proof will be when she makes George Clooney her boyfriend.

3) Darren Barefoot is enjoying the new LOL Tapirs craze thing [db], which he notes is getting pretty meta. Ah meta, how you haunted my university dreams and now taunt me like the old woman I never helped across the street even though she clearly needed the help.

2) I Ate The Lotus held a Cake Club meeting and they made cupcakes [iatl], which I’ll have you know were very good. I don’t just mention her because she’s my girlfriend, I mention her because she’s my girlfriend and she was very angry that I didn’t mention her the last time I did one of these things. It’s not being whipped, it’s being blog whipped.

1) My Dinner Table is moving to Ottawa [mdt], which means the city is losing a really good food blog. Damn Ottawa they take everything we love and give us nothing in return.

The Northern Voice has a few spots open for Friday only…

But the event is completely full for Saturday. The speakers look great, including Rebecca Bollwitt, a Vancouver Metroblogger who will be speaking about sports blogging and podcasting.

I’m ready to go and have confirmed my vacation day from work booked for this coming Friday. I’ll be bringing along our clunky old Dell laptop to the event and my camera. And I’m totally looking forward to it. And I think there will be a local Vancouver blogger meet up there as well.

Maybe I’ll see you there, too!

The Vancouver Five: Yoga

vancouver yoga

Originally uploaded by cindaelizabeth.

Five questions not to ask during your yoga class.

5) Who else didn’t drop the class after the first week just so that they can watch Janet’s backside when we do the Thrusting Rabbit?

4) Anyone else think that Gregory Possehl completely misread the Indus Valley Civilization’s seals?

3) Whose turn is it to sleep with the instructor after this week’s class?

2) Which of you are planning on protesting the 2010 Games, and could you please answer by speaking clearly into my Lululemon hoodie’s sleeve?

1) When do we get so zen that we can kill people with our minds?

OLPC Vancouver

From Wayan for Metroblogging DC:

olpc bulgaria
Get your XO-1 geek on with VBCXO!

Have you heard about the One Laptop Per Child program? An effort to distribute “$100 laptops” to the world’s children, empowring learning with technology ona global scale? Would you like to see the XO laptop up close and personal?

Then join the VBCXO User Group for its February Meetup. Canadians are just now getting their hands on XO laptops after reminding OLPC that G1G1 Canadians Are Humans, With Kids Too, and the excitement to mesh is palatable.

VBCXO User Group February Meetup
A fun discussion and discovery of One Laptop Per Child technology for the whole kids to geeks XO-loving family.

Saturday, February 16
4:00 – 7:00pm
ShaShuka Art Gallery and Eatery
6555 Fraser St – map
Vancouver, BC

We’ll have Wayan Vota, editor of OLPC News leading the conversation, plenty of XO’s to play with, an even XO-related prizes!

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