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If you’ve been living in a cave, or only watching American television, for the last week you know that the Canucks are now out of the playoffs. Another year of dashed hopes and spoiled dreams, and it’s time to start talking about what needs to be done for next year [cbc].

Brendan Morrison and Markus Naslund are both free agents. Trevor Linden is most likely leaving, or if he stays will be little more than a totem on the bench having long past the days when he could drive the team game after game. Roberto Luongo fled town as soon as he could, one of the few players to do the jersey any credit this year.

So what’s the blogosphere say? Find out after the jump.

– Miss 604 was at the last game of the season where the team really showed their heart by giving up and letting Calgary trounce them by 7-1 [m604]. At least Trevor Linden tried, and got feted by the assembled fans.

– Beyond Robson asks the reasonable question “What happened?” [br]. Their answer is good.

– The Canucks Official Fan Blogs have been silent since March with few exceptions, and as you’d guess they’ve been fairly easy going on the team. Mike The Yankee takes the reasonable approach of looking at the cloud’s silver lining [cb]. By that I mean he’s insane, the fact that the team barely missed the playoffs is not a silver lining. This is a team that should have been competing for top in the division, not first amongst the losers. Still if Bush could roll out the Mission Accomplished banner so early in Iraq, I suppose we can start calling the season a success.

– Matthew Good [mg] posted that Vancouver never has really been a hockey town, and that the team needed to rebuild around Luongo. For that he got his mailbox flooded with letters from Canucks fans, until he finally took down the post.

I’ve been receiving a ton of email from Canucks fans lambasting me for everything from my lack of knowledge to the fact that ‘my music sucks’. Normally that wouldn’t bother me too much, but when you start to get emails that claim that Rolling Stone voted you the worst song writer in North America, which is a total fabrication, then you know you’re in for a shit storm that’s best avoided.

– The Blog According to Buzz has a fairly humorous new logo for the Canucks [bab].

– Michael Klassen believes that the Canucks won’t ever win the Stanley Cup, and it’s all your fault [mk].

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  1. Canucks Tickets (unregistered) on September 29th, 2010 @ 1:18 pm

    With only 10 days left until the new season we’re gonna get to see if the Canucks have what it takes to get past the second round. Go Canucks!

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