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Skytrain trouble down the line


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There’s a technical screw up at Metrotown Station, which is causing a backlog of trains westward. So if you’re planning on training it leave early, because things are messy.

It seems to be clearing up now, but we’ll see how long it takes things to return to normal.

The Vancouver Canucks: the team that fell to earth

skating through the trap

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The Vancouver Canucks are out of the playoffs [cbc]. The math does not lie, there is no way for them to win. There is nothing left to play for except for the remaining scraps of dignity that the position of first amoung the losers would grant.

Optimistic Canucks’ ads on the side of Skytrains aside, nobody really expected the team to win the Stanley Cup this year. We have a goalie, and that’s about it. The team has addressed neither the team’s ongoing need for a top level goal scorer, to replace the players that Bertuzzi and Nausland used to be, nor do they have the win at any cost mentality that took the Oilers to their last trip to the finals.

It was not just that this just was not our year, it was that the last five years haven’t been our year but aside from bringing in Luongo the team has only aged; not in the gaining more experience version of aging, but in the one day closer to retirement version.

The Canucks need to be torn apart and rebuilt. Build it around Luongo. Build it around a new Russian speedster with flair like Bure. This team will never win the Stanley Cup, and believing it will is just a waste of time.

The Hollow Tree Getting Cut Down

Hollow TreeIt really is sad to see this landmark tree getting cut down. There was a unanimous decision by the Vancouver Park Board commissioners to have this tree cut down.

We all probably have a photo with this tree whether we’re local born and bred Vancouverites or visitors or new transplants. It belongs with the many other trees in the world as being the most photographed. Unfortunately after the big storm in 2006 that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It has become unsafe and the decision has been made to bring it down in May. So get down there soon to get your last looks at it standing and photographs with this natural beauty.

Not all is lost, they will be preserving this tree after bringing it down as well as erecting a monument in it’s place.

It’s just extremely sad to see a tree that is about 1000 years old come down. Thanks for all the memories. More info here

Canada Line Fun


When crews demolished and tore up the south end of Davie street they left a freestanding brick structure, which they worked around for two years [a thumbnail photo can be viewed here]. The part of the future Roundhouse Canada Line Station contained a small elevator lobby that lead down to the Easy Park below but other than that, the structure (about 2 storeys high) was kept intact throughout the entire construction process.


Last week with incessant jackhammering that still rang through my ears when I got home from work at night, they structure was demolished. I assume part of it is because they wanted to maintain elevator access throughout the project, but as I’ve caught several passery-by note, “why did they save it for so long, just to tear it down in the end?”. Each day someone from my office asks the same question – perhaps someone out there has an answer.

On a related note, does anyone know if there are any available artist renditions/mock ups of the new Canada Line stations available online? I’ve only found this one so far but I wonder if the brick structure was included in the one for the Roundhouse… hmmm….

Update: Thanks to Karen I found the following for the Roundhouse Station:


Last Chance Canucks: PPV and Hurtful Humour

Our beloved TV voice of the Vancouver Canucks, Jim Hughson, had his last broadcast with Sportsnet last Tuesday since he’ll be over at the CBC going forward [CBC]. Tonight is another milestone (although a little less important), the last pay per view game of the season. Throughout the season Canucks fans have either had to purchase games through Shaw digital cable, head out to the local pub or simply listen to the game on the radio to avoid paying a hefty price for a service that isn’t much better than regular coverage anyway (hello, no HD).

If you ordered the game on March 17th when Shaw had the outage in the 3rd period, you will be getting a refund. I got my bill last night (which should have included that day) but apparently they’re applying the credit on the billing cycle that starts March 24th [ms604].

Shaw says they had a hardware failure that kept the cable feed from going out, while their StarChoice satellite feed continued with no problems… …Disappointed fans will get refunds, worth almost $200,000 dollars to Shaw. [News1130]

Photo: Miss604 on Flickr

Hopefully next year Shaw and CanucksTV will reevaluate their offering because for $12.95 x 16 games the fans should be getting a little more out of their coverage – including uptime.

With only two games left in the regular season, pay per view might not be the only thing that’s done for the season, I know (although we’re gonna make it, I just know it – and you’re all welcome on the bandwagon with me!) But for those of you ready to watch a nail drive into the coffin, here’s some “humour” from the Hockey News.

Top Ten Excuses for the Canucks:

10. We haven’t been the same since losing all-star Rory Fitzpatrick.
9. 21st in the NHL in offense would be OK if the league had 90 teams.
8. Just not enough confidence in Curtis Sanford to start him in that key March 28 game in Minnesota.
7. Markus Naslund and Brendan Morrison just can’t bring it on like the good old days.
6. Nashville wasn’t supposed to be this good – 88 points should have been enough.
5. We wanted Mats Sundin, but he doesn’t like the rain.
4. Maybe summer acquisition Ryan Shannon wasn’t the answer offensively after all.
3. The hockey gods just won’t let the Todd Bertuzzi curse go.
2. Goal-less Jeff Cowan didn’t go on the six-goal in four-game binge like he did last year.
1. Golf courses in greater Vancouver are far too inviting this time of year.

I found this via Alanah at Canucks and Beyond and hey, I just decided to share – these opinions in no way reflect my own or those of Metroblogging Vancouver.

Tartan Day in Vancouver

Theme days are all around us it seems, from wearing pink, red, black, and denim there’s always a good cause to support. It just so happens that Vancouverites will be encouraged to show solidarity in a slightly different manner this Sunday.

Vancouver’s lads and lassies have until Sunday to press their kilts and dust off their sporans for the city’s first official Tartan Day. Council will declare today that Vancouver is joining a long list of cities around the world that celebrate their Scottish roots on April 6. [The Province]

Photo Credit: Roland Tanglao on Flickr

The Tartan Day campaign is being spearheaded by Todd Wong who is responsible for the local and inter-cultural Gung Haggis Fat Choy dinners. GHFC has been taking place for the last 10 years and it brings together the Chinese New Year and Robbie Burns Day.

I’m not sure I own anything tartan (do some funky argyle socks count?), and I have a sneaking suspicion it may turn into “dress like a naught school girl day”, but I think Vancouverites will embrace this new tradition in the making.

Canada Line Construction Cambie St

Canada Line Construction Cambie St, originally uploaded by Stephen Rees.

I have been avoiding Cambie Street for a while now. But since I was at the CBC this morning, and I was in no rush, I thought I would see how they are getting on. The short answer is, they are not finished yet. Not by a long chalk. But the traffic is back – I think because people like Jane Bird have been talking up how much progress they are making.

If, like me, you just want to have a gander, you probably won’t mind too much. I had plenty of time to get my camera out, wind down the window, and try for a shot of the first Save on Foods in the City. And no one was held up while I did it as we weren’t moving anyway. The single file traffic starts on Cambie Bridge and goes all the way up to 16th with no left turns. And the road surface also acts as a traffic calming device – better than pavé and speed humps.

This development looks like a welcome change from the single floor retail that has been the norm on major streets in this city for far too long. Not only Save On, but Home Depot and Winners too – with a lot of small stores on the road frontage to let – and residential on the top. So chalk up another victory for dense mixed use. Though I have my doubts about how many car trips will be drawn to this corner once it opens up. The store is open. The street not so much.

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