Vancouver’s nano sized Apple Store

Vancouver Apple Store - Opening Day

We’ve been following the rumours and development for years now, but finally Vancouver’s first Apple Store is open in Pacific Centre Mall.  The long lines died off once the 1,000 free t-shirts were gone, but it’s been packed with customers since with a ton of cross-over with the new H&M next door.

I skipped out on the opening since I was to tired from R.E.M. and the late show of Indiana Jonesthe night before to go, but I swung by a little after 6 and it as still full of shoppers.  It’s a small store, similar in size to mall stores in Phoenix and Toronto, and is not quite the accessory mecca that I had hoped that it would be.  Maybe I’m just cynical from being in Apple Stores in other cities or maybe I’m still disappointed I never got a second interview [jks] or that Apple had tried to hire two of my references instead of me [mbv], but it’s sort of underwhelming.

Oh I’m going to be spending way too much money there, though I’ll probably continue to get my computers via the online site if only for customizing options, but it’s just not as much of a must-go-to store as other Apple Stores.  Anytime I’m in Seattle you’ll find me in the University Village Apple Store, and if I’m in a city with an Apple Store I’ll go out of my way to go there.

Meanwhile the Vancouver one has only been open for two days and I’m already taking it for granted.

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  2. fifi on May 26th, 2008 @ 1:52 pm

    Nice store …. nothing much that we can’t buy online or other stores in Vancouver already. I tried to buy something but they don’t seem set up for debit customers (great if you only want to pay by credit card). Lots of people seemed to just be looking.

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