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*Note: Goldfish Pacific Kitchen seems to be reaching out to bloggers and food writers with offers of a $50 gift certificate in exchange for a restaurant review.  I took them up on this offer, and this is the meal that I ate.  Ideally you trust that I wouldn’t lie about a restaurant for $50, if you don’t well I have a long boring counter argument ready.

I’d always gotten the feeling that for the most part dinning in Yaletown was a bit of a trade off between style and substance.  Places and the food they serve can often feel more like they’re meant to be seen, not eaten and the prices don’t exactly go along way to making them welcoming.  Add to that Yaletown’s classically terrible parking situation and the fact that after about seven at night the Paris Hilton wannabes of Vancouver flood the area and you’d have a hard time convincing me that there were many reasonably priced places to eat offering really great food.

There are exceptions of course, for lunch I do like to eat at Phat [mbv],  but I was honestly surprised by Goldfish Pacific Kitchen [gfpk].  It manages to solve all of my Yaletown dining complaints by being reasonably priced, offering free lunch time valet parking and most importantly really good food.


Lydia and I began our meal by sharing the appetizer crispy prawns (pictured above), which was our first introduction to Goldfish’s wonderful batter.  I tend to like my prawns and shrimp un-fried, but the batter was so light and flavourful that it actually enhanced the prawns instead of just making them taste like the batter.  The batter is sort of like a light tempura batter, though it also reminded me of the flavour of the exterior of a nice wonton.

The portions was pretty good, though we would have eaten more had they brought it we probably were okay with just the regular serving size.

Lydia, whose review is here [ial], had the short ribs (pictured at top).  Though she found them a bit heavy and rich, I enjoyed the few bites I stole from her plate.  The meat was quite tender, and once again the portion were reasonable for lunch.


My meal was the fish and chips, which was halibut served with ketchup and a ginger lime aioli.  The fish was once again in the house batter, which made me quite glad that I had ordered it.  The fries were fairly standard, though the dipping sauces that came with the plate ensured that between Lydia and myself we finished off all of the chips.  The fish itself was really nice, and Goldfish Pacific Kitchen is quick to note that they use as many local Pacific Rim ingredients as possible.

The one hiccup during our lunch was that the server forgot to put through our shared order of bacon fried rice until after we had noted its absence.  By the time it arrived we were pretty much full, and so saved the dish (pictured below) for lunch the next day.


Reheated the rice was really quite good, and with a starter and a main each would have been too much to eat during our meal at Goldfish anyway.

The server was quite friendly, and the table was comfortable.  When we were there it was quite slow, so I can’t judge how the experience might be during the evening but for lunch it’s a very nice and relaxing atmosphere.  The food is surprisingly well priced, and for the location and quality I’d almost expect them to have added an extra $5 or $10 onto each portion.  From 11 am – 4 pm there’s also a selection of $10 plates that should help the budget conscious.

Also the inclusion of free valet parking during lunch service is a big deal for Yaletown where you can often spend ten to fifteen minutes driving around trying to find a spot.  Not realizing that they offered this service I didn’t take advantage of it and found an open spot quite near the restaurant.  Ironically I then managed to get myself a parking ticket.

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  1. lydia22 on June 30th, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

    What are you talking about, the fries were AMAZING. Fresh cut and piping hot and crispy. They were way better than Fritz, for example.

  2. Jeffery Simpson (van_jeffery) on June 30th, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

    They were good, but they were standard. I mean high quality, but it was the sauces that completed them.

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