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Richmond Olympic Oval Is Open

It’s probably a busy time with family during this holiday and I hope you are all having a great time with friends and family.

In case you aren’t aware (and haven’t had enough of snow/ice), the Olympic Oval is now open to the public.  Parking is a bit of a pain and it’s probably best to walk here somehow or get dropped off. You can now skate the oval before the Olympian Athletes do.

The public skate times are posted here and for only $8 for adults / $5 for kids with rentals at $3, it’s a great family activity.

They also have public speed skating too, if you’re a speed skater.

Merry Christmas

No matter what your beliefs, or as in my case lack of, please have a very good holidays from all of us. And be safe in all this holiday themed weather.

Vancouver feet in Time

Down Cardero

Via Beyond Robson [br].

Vancouver made Time Magazine‘s list of top ten odd stories of 2008 [tm] for the six human feet that have turned up around the shores of British Columbia since August of 2007.  I know you’re as excited as that time Unsolved Mysteries did the show on the Ogopogo aren’t you?

Trains = hooped

If you’re thinking to yourself, “hey, the train are probably running ok”, think again. The Skytrain system is enjoying a GVA-wide meltdown. Be prepared for multi-train waits at major stations and junctions. Heck, there’s a tree down near Nanaimo station.

The busses however, are doing ok, with b-lines stopping more frequently.

[UPDATE] Trains are slow, but spirits remain high. Please make room for everyone getting off before you get on. Seriously, the trains are packed.

[UPDATE] 7:15PM – train ops are on the intercom. Only two trains servicing downtown to Columbia on Expo. Scott Road station outwards has limited trains and big waits. Millenium line is a mess. Apparently the snow is messing with the switches. They are asking people to look for alternate options for getting home.

Stay warm!

Vancouver Five: how I learned to stop worrying and love the snow

Robson and Granville at Night

With yet another day of fresh snow covering Vancouver’s streets Vancouver Metblogs brings you a handy guide to stop fighting the snow and give into its seductive white squishy-self. Below are five practical ways to get through this most white of Christmases.

  1. Pretend that you’re paying an even more inflated price for rent and are actually up in your suite in Whistler.  Hell pretend it’s 2010 and you’re going to watch Americans and Russians battle it out to see who can ski down a mountain fast enough.  People from all around the world are going to pay through the nose to experience this kind of winter, and you’re getting it for free so stop being ungrateful.
  2. Fly to Florida for the next month.  I mean as much as they like to pass themselves off as winter warriors all of Quebec is closed until March since they’ve all fled down south.
  3. Stuff a space heater down your pants now that you finally have a non-sexual excuse.
  4. Boxing Day it’s the Canucks versus the Oilers at GM Place.  I’m not sure who I’m cheering for yet, but it’s a last chance to see the Canucks before the team is either elevated or Borked by the arrival of Sundin.
  5. Stay in and read Metroblogging Vancouver.  Oh who am I kidding, stay in and drink.

Vancouver comic blog Between Staples shuts down

Iron Man figures

Comic books and the internet seem to go hand and hand.  In fact apart from debating who was the best captain of the USS Enterprise it’s almost as if the net’s primary directive is to bring people together to argue about Grant Morrison.  Pretty much everyone who reads comics has a comics blog, even I had one for a short bit before I realized that even less people read it than my personal blog.

However despite my combined love of comics and interest in blogs I have never really pimped one of Vancouver’s better blogs and certainly one of the top local comic book blogs.  Truthfully it’s the only local one I’ve read but if I’m missing one let me know in the comments.  Sadly maybe it was my lack of link love that lead to this month’s shutting down of Between the Staples [bts].  Or maybe not.

Either way Between the Staples is one of a number of interest specific blogs around Vancouver that never quite get the attention that they deserve.  I’m as guilty of this as anyone, as a few select blogs tend to sort of talk in an echo chamber about themselves and kind of ignore that there’s thousands of other people writing around Vancouver. 

I have to go now, some idiot in this chat-room keeps insisting that Janeway was the best.

Snow: Informer

Snow it's not just a Canadian rapper anymore.
Snow it’s more than just slick rhymes.

To save money the management of the building that I work in shuts down the heat during the weekend.  Since it’s just our store and the Blendz open Saturday and Sunday they figure that nobody is going to care, and so that’s why I’m standing here wearing a thermal fleece, a thick sweater and mittens.  My co-workers are wearing full winter coats, and have set up two space heaters which seem to simply be draining electricity and making a great deal of noise.

Meanwhile Vancouver airport is, at this point, still open for business despite fresh snow throughout the day [yvr].  Flights are being delayed, though few have been cancelled out right and those seem to be because of snow on the other end of the flight. 
Road-wise the downtown streets were cleared about an hour ago, but they’re now back to being mostly slush and loose snow.  Smart driving is going to be okay, but I’d add a little more time to your schedule this evening if you are going anywhere.
It’ll be snowing throughout the night and into tomorrow so plan your commute to work accordingly.

Wishing it away: Matthew Good, a biography and Wikipedia

Matthew Good

Part of being a public figure is that sooner or later people are going to say things about you that you don’t agree with.  It comes with the territory, and the longer you’re going to be in the spotlight the more that’s going to happen.  Hell these days just having a blog seems to be enough for people to give you their opinion on every facet of your life, and that’s fair because if you choose to share it then you’re inviting comments.

The quickly written unauthorized biography is a staple of the music world.  Collecting previously published interviews and then hammering those into some sort of narrative structure to capitalize on someone else’s success.  Want to find out the real story of Trent Reznor, that unauthorized biography of him that I bought certainly did not tell it.  Though to be honest official biographies, or autobiographies, are rarely any more interesting or accurate.

It’s understandable that having an un-official biography written about you would be annoying.  However it’s free speech and anyone is allowed to say almost anything verbally or in print, no matter how badly written or poorly researched.  Matthew Good was never going to be happy about Eric Blair’s Ghosts in the Machine [am], but having his fans remove all mention of its existence from Wikipedia was disappointing [mg].


Mats Sundin brings memories of Messier

While Mats Sundin may prove to be the missing puzzle piece that finally helps the Canucks bring the Stanley Cup back to Vancouver, he also might prove to be the vanguard of yet another disastrous period in Canucks history.  How does he stack up to Vancouver’s previous Horseman of the Apocalypse?
Mats Sundin playing for the Leafs

Mats Sundin playing for the Leafs

Mats Sundin

  • Age signing for Canucks: 37
  • Canucks Rival Played For: Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Team Leader Replacing: Marcus Naslund, Trevor Linden
  • Number of Stanley Cups Won: 0
  • Selection of Awards Won: Mark Messier Leadership Award, Regular All-Star, Regular for Swedish National Team



Mark Messier playing for the Canucks, remember that?

Mark Messier playing for the Canucks, remember that?

Mark Messier

  • Age When Signing for Canucks: 36
  • Canucks Rivals Played For: Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers
  • Team Leader Replacing: Trevor Linden
  • Number of Stanley Cups Won: 6 (all prior to coming to Vancouver)
  • Selection of Awards Won: Conn Smythe Trophy, Regular All-Star, Regular Appearing for the Canadian National Team, ranked as the 12th best player ever by The Hockey News.




Mark Messier by: Håkan Dahlström from Flickr
Mats Sundin by: mlynaugh from Flickr

Vancouver’s Monopoly on the iPhone

Monopoly - Vancouver

If you remember back during the summer much was made of Hasbro’s new Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition game opening up voting for cities to become properties on the board.  Though it sort of loses the original intent of Monopoly, since you clearly can’t own an entire city (someone needs to check the continuity of the Monopoly-verse), it got the game a lot of publicity for a few weeks as citizens of numerous cities tried to get their home town on the board.

Vancouver got on along with Montreal [mbm] and Toronto [mbt][cbc], with Montreal landing the coveted role as the Boardwalk property.  Don’t take too much away from that, Belgrade is a higher priced property than Vancouver and well they’re still getting over being the centre of NATO bombing during the Kosovo War.  Well, maybe they do deserve it more than we do.  The point is we did beat out Toronto.

The new iPhone version of Monopoly is based on the Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition and has our city included and once again we’re better than Toronto.

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