Friendly Neighborhood Newspaper Carriers

Kudos to the two people at Gateway station who give me my copies of The Metro and 24 Hours each day at Gateway station. Morning in and Morning out, I can count on a nice, “Good morning,” from the Korean lady dressed in green and and a bright,  “24 hours?” from the lady dressed in orange.

It’s not an easy job. You have to be on your feet all day long, trying to get people to grab a paper that they don’t necessarily want or need. You get ignored or get the odd rude comment. All for a piecemeal rate. But it’s a living and the two that give me my paper seem to enjoy it.

Delivering for the Sun, Province or National Post is no easy task either. Take this posting from Craigslist for example. They need to get to their collection site by 2 AM, and have them all delivered by 8AM. From what I heard, for every complaint that they get, they get a certain amount knocked off their pay to compensate for the call centre time. Not pretty and not fun if they have a route that’s on an hill that ices over or gets snowed up.

So if you see someone giving you a newspaper, pick one up. If you don’t like the content, you can always recycle it at Burrard station anyway. At least you helped someone earn just a few pennies more… that add up in the end. And if you subscribe to the Sun or Province, a nice tip at Christmas time would be a nice gesture… especially if they get your nice, dry paper to your doorstep despite the weather.

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  1. paddlinggeek on February 16th, 2009 @ 12:07 am

    I remembered when Metro 1st came out then 24hrs and then Dose all within weeks of each other. Both 24hrs and Metro were only expose to have those folks handing out papers for the 1st two months. I don’t understand why both papers are still doing it.

    I was there working for Metro when they 1st started.. 8am lucky we had until 6AM and I got my papers at 2AM.

    Only problem is you gotta have either a van if your doing a big route or a car that can handle over 30,000 papers.

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