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VIFF Reviews

With the Vancouver Film Festival having ended a little early for me (work is getting in the way), it’s time for wrap-up reviews:

Cheapie Sunday: The Word On The Street

Date: September 30th
Time: 11AM – 6PM
Cost: FREE

I always enjoy a good book and attribute that to the great job the schools I attended did of encouraging me to read. I believe Vancouver schools generally do a great job of instilling a sense of joy in reading (albeit they do fight a hard fight with those pesky video games…Halo 3 anybody?).

Regardless this weekend on Sunday will be the 13th annual “The Word On The Street” festival. It’ll be around Library Square and out front the Canada Post thanks to the strike.

With Author readings, exhibits and other performances I suspect it will be another smashing success. The program guide can be found at local Starbucks if you don’t want to jump over to their site. Now get off the computer and go read a book!

Looking forward to the Vancouver International Film Festival

On September 26th, Women In Film & Video Vancouver will be putting on a big networking event – Martini Madness – the night before the Vancouver International Film Festival starts on September 27th. Oh, how I would love to take photos Paparrazi style on a red carpet in town. But it’s not quite the star-studded event that the Toronto International Film Festival has become. I don’t think we’ll be seeing George Clooney in town for this event.

Judging from the website, there will be a good selection of Canadian movies. For some reason I’m curious about the documentary about Winnipeg. I think I’ll also check out Cochochi and Ballerina.

Between the networking events, the forum at the International Film Festival Centre PLUS all the movies, there will be lots of movie-related fun to attend.

VIFF 2007

Alba Iulia Cathedral

Reminded by Oana of (and spurred on by the Georgia Strait‘s mention of the Romanian film 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days), I bought my Vancouver International Film Festival tickets tonight.

4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days is one of the “must-see” films – finally! A Romanian film is the must-see film! A Palme d’Or winner, the films looks at a frantic girl trying to get an illegal abortion in the waning days of the communist regime. It’s supposed to be “harrowing” (according to the Herald Tribune), but a story that happened to a lot of Romanian women (and still happens in places where abortion is outlawed).

Also recommended is the cartoon version of Marjane Satrapi’s graphic novel Persepolis, itself a Cannes winner. If you haven’t read the book, Vancouver’s civic strike is no excuse. Use your Vancouver Public Library card to take it out from any other municipality’s library. Heck, take the Skytrain to the Metrotown branch of the Burnaby Public LIbrary. The comic tells the story of Satrapi’s childhood in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution.

I also guessed and bought tickets for five other potential goodies:

2007 Taiwanese Cultural Festival

Kappa Puppet

Now in its eighteenth year, I finally made it to the Taiwanese Cultural Festival, just in time for my own ten-year anniversary in my love affair with Taiwan. While, there were some fun things about the festival – abbreviated puppet performances and Taiwanese aboriginal dancing, mostly it was a chance for Vancouver’s mainstream businesses to show off that they have a few brochures in Chinese.

How to survive the fireworks

Symphony of Fire 2006

Originally uploaded by BastArd StarFiSh.

The HSBC Celebration of Light is about to get underway for another year [hcl]. Having attended some of evenings in Coal Harbour last year I’m trying to avoid the area altogether this year because I’m not fond of a) large crowds, b) being stabbed [mbv].

Still it’s a popular thing to do, and though I won’t be there I’m sure a number of other people will be. So a few tips if you are going to be heading out to see the fire in the sky.

– get there early: at least an hour if you want to get a good seat on the grass or sand
– go before you go: trust me if you need to line up for one of the few washrooms you’re not going to be happy about it
– bring food and water: restaurants are full on the fireworks nights, so if you want to eat or even get a drink it’s probably better for you to bring your own
– don’t make plans afterwards: traffic, both in cars and on foot, is a bit hairy afterwards so don’t make definite plans to be anyplace for at least an hour after the end of the fireworks. It’s far less frustrating to just stay sitting where you are and wait for things to clear out a bit, rather than trying to push your way through the crowds.

– bring a blanket or towel: reader Paul [phb] pointed out that having a blanket or towel will be very handy for when you’re sitting on the ground

Harry Potter’s Last Stand in the GVRD

The trucks delivering them have satellite tracking systems so they don’t veer off their assigned routes. The pallets with the product have alarms. The lawyers are standing by. It’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and, thanks to ubiquitous marketing, we all know the book goes on sale at one minute past midnight this Saturday.

Spirit of Edmonds

No plans on July 29th? Interested in classic cars? Or textiles? Or pancakes for that matter?

You might want to check out the Spirit of Edmonds Car Show and Street Festival! [link].

Highlights include:

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Three Live Bands (names still to be announced I think)
  • Prizes
  • Games
  • Street Art
  • Car Show
  • Hot Dog Lunch
  • Historic presentation about the Digney Speedway, which was a popular car racing spot near Kingsway and MacPherson in the 1950s.
  • Hot Wheel Racing
  • Model Car Workshop
  • Spinning and Weaving Workshop
  • Most events are in or near the Eastburn Community Centre and along Edmonds Street, and last from 8:30am to 4pm on Sunday, July 29th.

    Should be a great time!

    The Warped Tour came and went and not one riot occurred

    The Vans Warped Tour came and went with barely a blip on my radar. I guess being that it’s not 1997 I just was not paying attention. Don’t major music festivals (EdgeFest, Another Roadside Attraction and so forth) have the good sense to die out after a year or so? The local indie media, ie whose ever in good with the record labels, covered it but it just did not peak my interest at all.

    I guess I just find myself in agreement with Propagandhi on the subject [wp] of the tour’s value to society. But hey if that’s your scene all the power to you. As you can tell from our not even mentioning the show we’re all big Propagandhi fans here at Metroblogging Vancouver. Jonathan especially.

    Youtube videos after the jump.

    Teepees at the Vancouver Art Gallery

    On my way back to work from a meeting this afternoon, I noticed four great big teepees in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. I came back after work to see what was going on. Turns out it’s a great big festival with First Nation Dancing and food and crafts. I hadn’t heard about this event so I was surprised AND lucky because just as I arrived, they started some First Nations dancing with their top notch regalia.
    The Aboriginal Art & Culture Celebration is happening all weekend and you can see the schedule on their website here.
    There will be more traditional dancing tomorrow at 4:00 pm. And, don’t forget to try the bannock. YUM.

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