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And now finally we can see you

Starting today Metroblogging Vancouver allows our readers the ability to post video comments, so now we can finally see you.  This is all thanks to the hard work of the people at the Metroblogging mothership, along with Seesmic [sm].  I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but the interface does look pretty cool.

Vancouver Metblogs welcomes our newest blogger

Waterfront station

In hopes of getting more great content up on Vancouver Metblogs we have been recruiting for new authors for the last little while [mbv], and we’re still looking.  However our first new author in quite some time has came aboard yesterday with a stellar first post [mbv]. 

Please stop by his post and welcome Stephen Rees, who has had a very authoritative blog about transportation [sr] for as long as I’ve been reading local blogs.  I’m very excited to have him on board, and judging from his first post I think he’s going to bring a strong voice on transporation and urban planning issues. 

Vancouver Metblogs we also blog

Hipsters are fail

Everyone of the authors here at Vancouver Metblogs have their own blogs where they also blog.  Every so often I like to go through the blogs of some of my fellow Metblogs authors [mbv] and highlight a few of their recent great posts.

  • Carol Brown – ::Carol writes about attending one of the series of free concerts that have been held at Canada Place over the last few Wednesdays where she saw Kelowna band Kinship [cb].
  • Ghosty – Reverb ::Ghosty has begun to take public transit and has noticed how isolated everyone seems to be as they travel to and fro [rvb].  Is it just that our iPods and mobile phones keep us from connecting to people, or is there something more to this isolation?
  • Rebecca Bollwitt – ::Rebecca has a lot of good guest blogging up from SXSW, but to highlight a post by her I’m pointing out her list of songs that she’s listening to [m604].  I agree with her on Hospital Musicbeing the best of 2007, but Nada Surf haven’t done anything for me since I was all emo about not being cool and they released “Popular”.
  • Rod – :: Rod’s got an article about The Guardian’s list of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs [rt], which apparently include the lolcats meme.  Rod notes that most of the blogs listed aren’t tech blogs.
  • Jeffery Simpson – That ring of confidence :: Hey that’s me.    Picking a post to highlight is like picking one of my own children to feed to the wolves.  Sadly I’m not allowed to have children due to my ideas on the role of wolves in childcare.  My most recent post is about how my life is too dull to blog about [jks].  Doesn’t that just make you want to click that link?

An update on the update

As Travis noted there’s still a few things going a bit wonky around here following the move from Moveable Type to WordPress.  Add to that the fact that we did a minor redesign and things are going a bit sideways at the moment.  After the jump I’ll talk a bit about the issues we know about, and what the status on them is. If you’re not interested in the nuts and bolts of how a blog runs then feel free to not read any further.   (more…)

Vancouver Metblogs is looking for you (and possibly at you depending on your cookie settings)


Now that we’ve made the move from Moveable Type to WordPress we’re looking to bring in some new bloggers.  If you’re a Vancouver based blogger and want to reach a whole new audiance consider writing for Vancouver Metblogs.  There’s no editorial mandate, beyond what you blog about needing to be about Vancouver and our request that you post at least two to three times a week.

So post two to three times a week about Vancouver and you get an automatic audiance well above a lot of regional newspapers in B.C.  Imagine the power that would give you, or the click through traffic to your own site as loyal readers fall in love with your prose and follow you to your own blog. 

Whatever your motivation come and join one of Vancouver’s best read blogs. 

For more information email me at jefferysimpson at macdotcom or post your questions in the comments.

Metroblogging Vancouver 3.0




Welcome to the new design for Metroblogging Vancouver.  It’s been in the works for awhile, and now finally it’s ready to go.


There might be some weirdness over the next few days, since this isn’t only a redesign but a platform change (from Moveable Type to WordPress).  I’m not in on the nuts and bolts of such moves, but some things might get broken, but in a few days that should be sorted out. There’s going to be a few new options which we’ll be rolling out over time, one of which is an ability to conduct polls within the platform which is going to make the Metroblogging Vancouver Tournament of Blogs run much smoother than the way I had been planning.


Vancouver Blog: Tournament of Blogs nominations

I won

So completely and totally ripping off Metroblogging Seattle [mbs] we are going to be starting up a tournament of blogs, though we’ll have to find some new metaphor for describing the way things are going to be run because the NCAA basketball playoff thing isn’t something that us Canadians understand on the same level as Americans.

Think of it like the Stanley Cup Playoffs. First off we will do nominations, all nominated blogs will be put into even numbered groups based on catagory. Then through the rounds that follow blogs will be pitted against each other in a vote which will be open to anyone with internet access. The winner of each vote will go on to fight the next round until there’s only one blog in each catagory. The catagory winners will then be paired off and the carnage will continue until there is only one. The winner will recieve a prize of being the best blog in Vancouver and a trophy that we will either make or buy from a thrift store. It might have a bowler on the top, it might be a curling trophy, we’re not clear on that yet.

What do you have to do? Well for the next week we will be taking nominations for Vancouver blogs. The blogs have to be either by a writer living in Vancouver or about Vancouver. To nominate a blog fill copy the form below, paste it into the comments and fill it out. We will then take the blogs, divide them into catagories, add our own nominations and then begin.

The rules and the form are after the jump. Nominations will be open until next Monday, letting everyone nominate their new favorite reads they discovered at Northern Voice [nv].

Interview with Metroblogging co-founder

sean @ the muqua

Originally uploaded by astera snowwhite.

If you’ve been wanting to find out a bit more about the people behind the Metroblogging network there’s an interesting interview on The Dog & Pony Show with Metroblogging’s co-founder Sean Bonner [dp]. It’s worth a quick watch if the overall world wide project interests you.

Warning if you have ever been in a job interview with a company with a human resources department, the interviewer will remind you of that experience. He’s got that enthusiasm for pretty much anything said that gave me flashbacks to my ongoing job hunt.

Save Facebook, become our fan

facebook does what?

Originally uploaded by darkthirty.

Yeah, we all know that Facebook is dying. Matthew Good has left it. My girlfriend has left it. It used to be about the music, but now all it’s about is getting application invites from that one chick you didn’t like that much in high school and have not really grown closer to in the ten years since graduation. It’s so 2007, and this is 2008 baby.

Still we here at Metroblogging Vancouver are always dedicated to harnessing last year’s technology and fads to better serve you the readers. That’s right we set up a Metroblogging Vancouver Facebook page [fb] and you can be our fans. What being a fan entails is beyond me, I suppose it would be nice if you threw money at us everytime you spotted one of our bloggers on the street but that’s not mandatory.

Come, be our fan and we’ll do whatever it is that organizations do for people who become their fans on Facebook. Possibly try to make you into digital vampires or pirates, I’m not quite clear on it.

Metroblogging Vancouver is sexy with RSS

NetNewsWire 3 beta

Originally uploaded by Jon Hicks.

So you’ve picked up Netnewswire for free [ng] and you’re wondering what to read with your new fab piece of free software. Well Metroblogging Vancouver have had RSS feeds for a long time now, but since I myself am taking advantage of the free RSS reader I figure it’s worth mentioning them again.

We have:

– Full posts [mbv]
– Full posts with no comments [mbv]
– Full posts from all of Metroblogging’s city sites [mb]

If you have a favorite author we break it down into individual RSS feeds for each blogger, just to give you full control over what gets sent to your RSS inbox.

We have:
– Carol Browne’s posts [mbv]
– Tim’s posts [mbv]
– Rebecca Bollwitt’s posts [mbv]
– Ryan Cousineau’s posts [mbv]
– Maktaaq’s posts [mbv]
– Matt’s posts [mbv]
– Jeffery Simpson’s posts [mbv]

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