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Nice weather we’re having

Nice day for it

So I hope you took advantage of the ridiculously good weather on Saturday, followed by the merely pleasant Sunday.

And I’ll have no more complaints about the weather until it rains again, okay?

Vancouver photography: MBV’s Flickr group

On Broadway, originally uploaded by rcousine.

Like the photography we use here at Metroblogging Vancouver? Figure you’ve got some better shots of our city sitting around on your hard drive? Why not upload them to Flickr and post them in our Flickr Group [fkr]?

Once in our Flickr group your photos will appear in our little animated Flickr widget on the right side there, but as long as you’ve left the blogging option open we might use it in one of our posts and people from around Vancouver and around the world will be seeing your shots. And if you’re not a photographer, head on in and look around anyway because there’s some stunning pictures in there.

Vancouver HDR Photography for Sale

Technically, if you hear about this and make a blog post, you can get your hands on an 8 x 12 print for free, but for everyone else, there’s a great new site out there where you can purchase amazing photographs of Vancouver.

Honestly, these sure beat the heck out of the cookie-cutter shots you can pick up in any Gastown shop that were taken in 1995. What also makes these images particularly special is that most of them are HDRs.

For order information visit

In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures (i.e. a large range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. [Wiki]

Duane Storey‘s a local guy that’s been photographing cityscapes and scenes around the city for over a year now and has just unveiled a photography-specific site where you can purchase his prints. And as mentioned above, the first 20 people to make a blog post and leave a comment on his post about the launch will receive a free print.

Just to prove how worthy of praise and purchase Duane’s images are, I’m going to post a whole slew of them after the jump. Also, if you have any HDR shots or scenes of Vancouver, feel free to ad them to our Metroblogging Flickr Pool so that we can use them in posts, link back to your Flickr and blog about their greatness as well.

Come see Vancouver from my balcony

The Westin Bayshore at the end of the world, or just in Vancouver

All of my photos that I’ve uploaded to Flickr have a Creative Commons licence on [wp], and thus can be reused by other people for various projects. It’s of course polite for those people to give me a heads up, so when I got a message from Schmap!! [wp] asking if they could use a few of my photographs in a project I was cool with it.

Schmap!! is a series of city guides built ontop of Yahoo Maps which give visitors to the city a way of exploring the town they’re looking at travelling before even leaving the ground. Their Vancouver site [sv] is quite nice, and if you’re looking to visit the city it’s worth checking out.

The odd thing for me, one of the pictures of mine they used was taken from my balcony as opposed to during a walk-about-town with my camera. So now tourists all over the world get to experiance Vancouver from the comfort of my apartment.

We cheat tourists and drunks
Finally, truth in advertising. I shot this sign outside of the Nelson Cafe last week. Cheers.

Currently immersed in photography

Since getting my new camera, I’ve immersed myself in everything photography. I’ve been taking pictures of everything I can find and trying out all the different functions on my Nikon. I’m even reading photography books. Yikes! I decided to start taking some courses and after emailing my friend and local photographer, Mike O’Shea, I decided to try out a one day course next weekend at Vancouver Workshops. I selected a portraiture course as I had a request from a friend to take photos for her website. I guess I don’t have to mention there will be pictures to follow, do I?

Reflection of the Hotel Vancouver

“No photos”

I’m sure this has come up before, but maybe someone reading this can explain why an employee of a local coffee shop would tell a customer not to take photos in the shop where he works. I honestly don’t understand why such a policy exists in this situation. I took a photo of a very nice display of pastries. Why would someone care about whether or not their merchandise has been photographed? In some circumstances, I clearly understand this – taking pictures of sensitive security-type areas (i.e. the Law Court building downtown), taking pictures of strangers without their permission and/or sneaking around taking pictures of people you don’t know deliberately. I also know clothing designers don’t want their designs ripped off and taking photos is an easy way to copy their clothes. Those things make sense to me, but I’m not sure how this is a threat to anyone:

No photos

Anyone can see nicer displays than this in a cookbook or a magazine cover. I can’t see anyone being able to take away any secrets from this. I did do a little bit of research, and found the following information in regards to taking photos in Canada:

Keep those bottles clean
This notice was next to the bottle return counter at the liquor store on Broadway.

That must have been some party.

Breaking “Action” News: BC Place Stadium now looks better

The roof of BC Place imploded this afternoon.

Notice how nice it looks now!

News 1130 has coverage


Come swim in our photo pool

lonely tree @ sunset

Originally uploaded by Judy B.

For awhile now we’ve had the Metroblogging Vancouver Photo Pool on Flickr [flk]. Anyone taking photos in the great city of Vancouver who has a Flickr photo account is allowed to join the pool and get their pictures posted in the group. Since we’ve opened it we’ve gotten over a thousand very wonderful pictures of our great city. I’m am always amazed at what great shots that people take of Vancouver, and looking through the photos always makes me feel like I need to improve my own photography skills.

Photos added to the pool get displayed in our photo album to the right of the blog page there, and get seen by not only our readers but others searching Flickr for some great shots. If you’re a local photography and like putting your work up on Flickr then please give a thought to joining our photo pool.

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