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The Massive Technology Show

It looks like I may be attending The Massive Technology Show for work on March 28th at the Trade and Convention Centre downtown. It looks a bit on the suit-y side for me, but the trade show and speakers look very interesting. I’m more of a speaker attender than a networking type. However, since many local employers are looking to hire new employees around these parts, it makes it much easier to approach them at these kinds of events than it has been in other, less-hire-able times. My confirmation to attend this event will hopefully be this week. Added bonus – local celebrity, Dave Chalk, is going to be there!

Warning bell


Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

It’s a sign of how blase we are about alarms that when the fire alarm started to go off in the building where I work it took about twenty minutes for anyone to leave the building. By that point the fire alarm had changed pitch and frequency several times, and two fire trucks had arrived. Still like good employees we stayed in our glass bubble serving the customers while the people from the government offices and ESL schools in the tower above us peered in after having made their trek to the street so as not to burn to a crip.

Or recieve a scolding from the fire marshall.

We finally left the store about ten minutes after the rest of the building about half an hour into the alarm. We moved more out of annoyance at the ear shattering alarm than because we were respectful of humanity’s age old foe fire. The building did not burn down, and so we’re all just that much more blase for next time.

Want to hear how annoying the alarm got? Video after the jump.


I can see the sky

blue sky

Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Well okay, not today but I now work in a location that isn’t in a mall and I can see right out to the outside world. Which is nice because now I can suffer from SAD like the rest of the world.

After over a year working at Metrotown I’m glad to move somewhere downtown clsoe to where I live, and a store that’s not in a mall. The only draw back is on days like today when business drops right off because Robson is dead because everyone wants to stay inside, instead of walking up and down the street spending money like a pirate on shore leave after getting a good haul of booty.

A Better Place To Work

OverviewA Better Place To Work as their url goes to say, is what Workspace strives to be. Like Jonathan in the post before mentioned the unveiling of Workspace was filled with numerous supporters and various people interested in what WorkSpace is.

From the people I had an opportunity to meet and chat with, it seemed predominately like it was all tech related independents that were interested in the concept. There were a few freelance writers and what not that were present that really enjoyed the idea of being able to share creatively in such an environment.

Workspace a sign of good times ahead

Vancouver’s technorati elite were out for a good time at the Workspace unveiling party on Friday night.

Like many of the MetroBlogging Vancouver crowd, I checked out the get together in the heart of Gastown along with web developers, communicators, photographers and other creative professionals who wanted to par-tay. Great meeting y’all!

It was a fun time, with lots of good Thai food, pleasant conversation, quickly refilling wine glasses and new acquaintances made. The space looks super cool, retaining its industrial look with some modern finishes, with a great view of the waterfront and the historical train yard.

Workspace will provide a shared work environment for independent professionals who need a place to work on projects and meet with clients but don’t need a big office space – basically, the perfect solution for all those Web 2.0 startups.

Free Friday Frenzy (some 18 Aug events)

There’s quite a few events happening this evening (Friday 18 August 2006), but with a little planning and a lot of rushing around, you could attend part of many of them. Below are just the ones I know of that are nominally free–but play nice and buy food if you’re at a restaurant, drinks if you go to a bar, pay transit fare if you’re riding, or make a donation to the organizers if such is requested.

Begin. 6:30 pm–BIFF is having a fannish show and tell night (or, if you prefer, the frog for rent creativity challenge). Skip out early; 8:00 pm–Robson Square Summertime Dance, put on by DanceSport BC. The first half hour is a professional dance lesson. Tonight’s class: the Social Foxtrot. General dancing and dance performances alternate throughout the rest of the night, with contests and giveaways near the end. Admission by donation and/or a non-perishable food item for the Food Bank. Rush off after the lesson, though, and you could make 9:09 pm, VCC-Clark Skytrain Station–Rise of the Robots! Skytrain Party, interactive public art put on by Newmindspace. It’s Robots on a Train! End the day with drop-ins to either (or both) of the Snakes on a MotherFarkin’ Fark Party (following the end of 10:20 pm SoaP show) or the unveiling of WorkSpace (21 Water Street, 8 till late; presumably it’s ok to be fashionably late). End. Or keep going. Up to you.

Happy Friday, everyone.

One of the joys of working downtown

One of my favorite things about working some shifts at our downtown store is that instead of the shops of Metrotown which over the past year have become tired and boring on my lunch breaks I can haunt the shops on Granville Street which will also soon become tired and boring. I mean how many times can I wander distrustfully through an avant-garde Addias store?

One of the stores that I won’t be getting bored of is Golden Age, the local comic book store. Back when I lived in the interior Golden Age was one of my regular Vancouver destinations when I hit town. Now it’s a weekly visit to pick up my pull list comics and a few trade paperbacks. Working so close might end up being expensive, but it gives me good lunch time reading material at least once a week.

Workspace: the office you join

Fresh from a mention on a Tennessee lawyer’s blog, I caught Kris Krug’s little video on Workspace, a plan for a members-only workspace for creative or nerdy types, in a nice old bit of Gastown.

How many people does it take to operate a parking meter?

Today I have job training at the Metrotown Hilton (because Paris and clan don’t quite have enough money) and so I had to park in Crystal Mall, which is attached to the Hilton like a weird conjoined twin.

I’ve never been to Crystal Mall before, more on that later, but the parking meters are absolutely hilarious. While I did not find it that hard to operate there was a line of ten people waiting for it. Each person agonized, joked and swore during the process.

“Ha ha, I have a degree and I can’t figure this damn thing out.”

“Why do they make things so complicated.”

“What am I doing? I’m old and feeble and scared of electricity.”

Okay so I may have made the last one up. Anyway I found that simply reading the directions was enough to navigate the treacherous waters of a three button machine with little in the way of running commentary.

Need a job? Try tourism.

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Boats and Mountains, originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

With the new low in unemployment in British Columbia employers in the tourism industry are having a hard time finding people to work for them. Which means dozens of museums, paddle wheel boats and cotton candy machines may be left unattended this summer.

According to les CBCs [cbc]:

“Demographics are shifting and young people as a labour pool is shrinking. And there are many other industries going after the same people,” said Arlene Keis of Go2, an employment agency in Victoria.

“Tourism operators haven’t traditionally had to recruit. They’ve had people coming to apply 10 at a time.”

Which means that instead of getting cheap college student labour employers are going to be looking for cheap “non-traditionl” labour which includes “new immigrants, retired people and temporary foreign workers”.

Maybe we need our own protests. That’s right immigrants are stealing Canadian jobs that nobody wants anymore, where’s the anger? And where is the anger at old people? That Wal-Mart greeting job could be done by a high school drop out, but instead they give it to a retiree. Damn them.

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