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Hey! Dispatch this, Pal!

Me “Hi, could I get at cab at 4480 Oak Street – I’m at the Chan Centre-”

Dispatcher (like talking to a child) “No sir, 4480 Oak is the Children’s Hospital. The Chan Centre is at UBC”

Me “I’m at The Chan Centre for Educa-”

Dispatcher (now grumpy) “Sir, the computer says The Chan Centre is at UBC.”

Me (equally grumpy and feeling righteous) “Great! Meanwhile, I’m standing in The Chan Centre for Education at the BC Children’s Hospital. I know, because I saw the sign on the way in. If they’re rich enough to build one building, they can probably build two!”

Dispatcher (redacting not one bit) “Where would you like to be picked up at Children’s Hospital?”

Me “I was hoping for The Chan Centre for-”

Dispatcher (sharply) “We don’t have that on the computer.”

Me “A driver dropped me off at it. When coming in off of Oak, turn left and it’s right there in front-”

Dispatcher “We can’t give drivers directions. We can pick you up at the main entrance or emergency.”

Me “Fine, I’ll meet it at the main entrance.”

Dispatcher “click”

Punchline – I walk 300 feet to the main entrance. The cab will have to drive past The Chan Centre to get there. As I turn the corner, I see the main entrance, brightly signed. And 15 feet away… Emergency.

Cab v. BC Children’s Hospital = FAIL!

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