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Goldfish Pacific Kitchen, a place worth parking in Yaletown for

@ Goldfish

*Note: Goldfish Pacific Kitchen seems to be reaching out to bloggers and food writers with offers of a $50 gift certificate in exchange for a restaurant review.  I took them up on this offer, and this is the meal that I ate.  Ideally you trust that I wouldn’t lie about a restaurant for $50, if you don’t well I have a long boring counter argument ready.

I’d always gotten the feeling that for the most part dinning in Yaletown was a bit of a trade off between style and substance.  Places and the food they serve can often feel more like they’re meant to be seen, not eaten and the prices don’t exactly go along way to making them welcoming.  Add to that Yaletown’s classically terrible parking situation and the fact that after about seven at night the Paris Hilton wannabes of Vancouver flood the area and you’d have a hard time convincing me that there were many reasonably priced places to eat offering really great food.

There are exceptions of course, for lunch I do like to eat at Phat [mbv],  but I was honestly surprised by Goldfish Pacific Kitchen [gfpk].  It manages to solve all of my Yaletown dining complaints by being reasonably priced, offering free lunch time valet parking and most importantly really good food.


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