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Hipsters are fail

Everyone of the authors here at Vancouver Metblogs have their own blogs where they also blog.  Every so often I like to go through the blogs of some of my fellow Metblogs authors [mbv] and highlight a few of their recent great posts.

  • Carol Brown – ::Carol writes about attending one of the series of free concerts that have been held at Canada Place over the last few Wednesdays where she saw Kelowna band Kinship [cb].
  • Ghosty – Reverb ::Ghosty has begun to take public transit and has noticed how isolated everyone seems to be as they travel to and fro [rvb].  Is it just that our iPods and mobile phones keep us from connecting to people, or is there something more to this isolation?
  • Rebecca Bollwitt – ::Rebecca has a lot of good guest blogging up from SXSW, but to highlight a post by her I’m pointing out her list of songs that she’s listening to [m604].  I agree with her on Hospital Musicbeing the best of 2007, but Nada Surf haven’t done anything for me since I was all emo about not being cool and they released “Popular”.
  • Rod – :: Rod’s got an article about The Guardian’s list of the world’s 50 most powerful blogs [rt], which apparently include the lolcats meme.  Rod notes that most of the blogs listed aren’t tech blogs.
  • Jeffery Simpson – That ring of confidence :: Hey that’s me.    Picking a post to highlight is like picking one of my own children to feed to the wolves.  Sadly I’m not allowed to have children due to my ideas on the role of wolves in childcare.  My most recent post is about how my life is too dull to blog about [jks].  Doesn’t that just make you want to click that link?
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