Laser Floyd at the Planetarium

I love the planetarium. When I was young my father took me to the one in Montreal, which was the only time I had ever visited one before moving here. While I lived in Toronto the one there got closed down, so I was thrilled to discover that there is one here in Vancouver at the HR MacMillan Space Centre.

Planetarium shows, in and of themselves, are pretty impressive things. That giant robot projector (aka Harold) is quite simply fantastic, and I want to keep him in my living room. I think everyone should go see a show at the planetarium.

After that, however, they should stay late and see one of the laser shows they have after the rest of the space centre has closed. I have now been to see Laser Pink Floyd: the Wall not once, but twice. Each show was different, as a different person runs the lasers on different nights and adds their own artistic flair to the show. It’s probably the best $10.70 I’ve spent on entertainment in a very long time, and good for all ages, as the 10 year old birthday party crowd from last night can attest.

There are other shows too, if you don’t like the Wall. They also do laser Zeppelin, Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, and currently they’re doing a Coldplay show as well. It’s an assault on your eyes and ears (concert level volume) but it’s a whole lot of fun, and a pretty unique way to spend an evening. Plus, since some of the shows don’t even start until 10:45, it’s something to do late at night in Vancouver.

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