Wendy’s: Fast AND Accurate

With all the food posts on here I decided it was time to do my own. This one is decidedly more low-brow than anything I’ve seen so far but, none the less, it’s a charming story of breaking through barriers to achieve excellence.

I don’t eat at Wendy’s a whole lot, but when I do I always order the same thing: Big Bacon Classic, NO ONIONS please. The staff and I have this fun little game going. They acknowledge my request for no onions, and it even shows up on the fancy board at the drive-thru that summarizes my order. I then proceed to the window where my burger is already waiting, evidently created by a skillful employee in less than 4 seconds. I drive away excited about the tasty square burger I’m about to indulge in. This is the fun part: Every time I have ever gotten a burger at Wendy’s – any location – it has always had onions on it despite my want for it to be onion free. This doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not one of those people who will charge into the restaurant and berate the poor minimum wage employees for getting my order wrong. After all, it was created at the speed of light so there are bound to be some oversights. If I really expected perfection I would probably have to pay more than $5.77 for my meal. I simply pick the onions off and carry on. It is sort of a ritual now.

Yesterday was different. When I opened up my burger to take the onions off I was astonished to see that there were none! I looked everywhere. None on the top, none on the bottom… miraculous! In a way it was almost depressing. The burger didn’t taste as good without having to do that extra bit of work. The perfect record was broken. My spiritual bond with the employees feels weaker. Don’t they remember the game? It was probably just a new employee. They’ll get it right next time, I’m sure.

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