Successful Apartment Hunt

I mentioned a little while ago that we were looking for an apartment that would allow cats and still be nice enough to be worth staying in for a while. We’ve successfully found one, but it is not without complications.

There are many different rules in Vancouver (and all of BC, I must assume) when it comes to the apartment search and moving process. Unfortunately for us, my husband and I did not know these rules entirely in advance. We had a lot of trouble with the concept of having a single month to try and find the perfect place, one where we could stay for a good length of time and not have to move for various reasons after a few months. We were terrified of giving notice and then not finding a suitable place, thus being stuck with a place that would once again be sub-standard and not really what we want. I’ve moved at least 22 times in my 29 years of life. I’m done with the moving for a while and I want to stay put.

As such, we did not give notice but have kept on the lookout for good places. In early December, we found the perfect place – allows cats, in the neighbourhood that was our first choice, big enough, we can paint it, amazingly nice building manager, and a secure bike room. We applied for it and got it on the spot, basically.

After we got home that evening we called up our landlord to see what we could work out for notice. He was unwilling to budge on the fact that we absolutely must give notice with our rent cheque on the first day of the month, which is certainly his right, and also the law. Unfortunately for us it means that we’re now stuck paying rent on two apartments during the month of January, which is very poor timing when it comes to Christmas presents (perhaps a delayed Christmas is in order.) Also, it’s not exactly easy to budget for such things, and we can’t really sublet for a month with no furniture available.

I don’t see any options for us except to pay for two places. It sucks, but we feel like this new place is worth it, as is being out of the old place.

I still think a month isn’t really long enough to find a perfect place… but I guess that just comes down to what you’re used to more than anything else. We’re still getting the hang of this province.

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