The New Normal

In defiance of the seemingly neverending rain, we went for a walk today on the Ambleside Seawall. This was the first time I’ve walked along it – usually when I’m in that area, I’m on my bike and they don’t allow such things on their seawall. We looked out the window, saw a lull in the rain and took our chances by going out. It actually didn’t rain for the first half of our walk. When we turned to head back to where we started from, it began to drizzle.

I never really understood the number of different words for rain. I used to just think in terms of ‘rain’ and ‘not rain.’ Since coming to the west coast, however, I’ve learned the difference between rain, drizzle, showers, a cloudburst, pouring, mist, sprinkling, torrent, deluge, and pelting, among many others.

Those who have lived here much longer than myself have assured me that this is not normal winter weather for this climate, but I have to wonder if these extreme weather conditions are becoming the new normal. If it keeps raining all summer I might have to rethink our move here.

I’ll worry about that should it actually happen. But it really does make me wonder.

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