The Advil Outdoor Adventure Show

Adam and I today ventured out to the Advil Outdoor Adventure Show and bike expo at BC Place Downtown. The two of us enjoy trade shows, especially any time there are bikes involved. I must admit that this may well be the best trade show we’ve been to yet, for a variety of reasons.

The show was packed with some fantastic exhibitors – everything from paragliding to kayaking to mountain biking to houseboating (houseboating?) and beyond into the realms of scuba diving and adventure travel destinations of all kinds. Many of them were handing out free stuff (we got a baseball cap, a toque, a skipping rope, and a few magazines) and almost all of them had some kind of draw for something. I managed to win a 50$ coupon for a travel agency, which I might be able to use sometime before it expires, hopefully. Otherwise, I think we put our names on an endless amount of mailing lists, all in the name of possibly getting free stuff.

We also spent a lot of time watching professional and amateur trick riders perform for us on a very nice track donated by John Henry Bikes of North Vancouver. I took many photos of this event, all of which can be viewed in my photo journal.

Here are some of the booths of note:

The Tofino Surf Shop booth: We’re currently planning a trip to Tofino sometime in the spring or summer, and we might try surfing while we’re there. We told this to the guys at the surf shop booth in the hopes that they could give us some advice on where to rent gear or get lessons. They told us to sign up for the draw and then promptly began to ignore us. I guess if we weren’t going to buy one of the thousand dollar surfboards they had sitting around in their booth, they weren’t that interested in us.

Adventurous Magazine: Admittedly, I have a soft spot for these guys since I used to work with them. Still, every time I went by they were crazy busy, handing out hats and Shark Energy Drinks for people willing to fill out their 3-page survey. They were also having a draw for an excursion backpack.

The Norco Booth: Norco makes pretty bikes. Everyone in the booth was incredibly friendly and outgoing. Did I mention they make pretty bikes? There was also a riding area where people could try out bikes from the different vendors (not just Norco) who had brought them. I wasn’t dressed for it so I didn’t give any a ride. Nice idea, though.

The Scuba Tank: Scuba diving is just neat. They had a very tall tank with a window in it where people were seen waving in their scuba gear. It was just fun to watch.

The Houseboat: My opinion is probably coloured, but I have never really thought that staying on a houseboat should be considered outdoor adventure. Houseboat to me equals party, or evil people who took the last campsite on the lake when we paddle up looking for a place to spend the night with our tents and canoes. Evil. We didn’t enter the draw to win a week vacation on the houseboat… it felt too wrong. We did tour the boat – it had a lot of beds and a hot tub and bar on the roof. See? Party.

That is only a few of the over 300 (so the website says) exhibitors at the show – and many more of them had free draws to enter. It’s on for one more day, and admission is $10.00 per person ($8.00 if you’re under 17.) If you’re bored on Sunday, go check it out – it’s worth it just to watch all the bikers throwing themselves off ramps and walls.

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  1. Stefan Lorimer (unregistered) on February 19th, 2006 @ 3:11 am

    Great pics. I was at the show as well. Do you follow adventure sports and take photos outside of this event?

  2. Jenny Lee (unregistered) on February 19th, 2006 @ 8:26 pm

    I love adventure sports and try to check out events whenever I can. Also, I take photos of everything and anything on a daily basis. The opportunity to combine the two is always exciting :D

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