Babyboomers Suck My Healthcare

So the BC throne speech was handed down last week. Hidden behind the smoke and mirrors of polite rhetoric our LG delivered Gordon Campbell’s message of healthcare privitization as softly as a lamb. Sounds so nice: “different delivery systems.” Ooh, that a cute-as-a-button lab technician will treat my illness with alacrity, thanks to my special envelope full of “comfort money.” I can’t wait for the ads for private hospitals, especially those targeted for hockey nights when sports bars are full:

A buxom nineteen-year-old in a skimpy nurse’s uniform bends over the screen, breathing deeply. Pannning out a man’s supine form is hidden under her bent form in a gurney. She informs him that his beer and peanuts consumption has caused a massive trauma in his aging cardiovascular system. Raging psychadelic guitar riffs sweep past the ears as she sighs: “It’s time to skip the queue and get a new ticker…”

This is a philosophy of privateering brought to you by moneyed babyboomers and their attendant sense of entitlement (to use that recent political catchphrase), seizing the chance to pay-as-you-go at the expense of today’s underemployed youth and poorer classes. Thanks to tax cuts that have weakened government coffers and the idea that nobody else deserves to get a ride on your dollar, we have the two-tiered monster rising from the depths. I can see the bermuda-shirted healthcare consumer now: “Hell, if we don’t pay the taxes then we can afford our trip to Cabo San Lucas!” And if your old age catches up you can forgo Mexico and get all fixed up ahead of the rest. “Forever Young”, eh?

It’s not just that I’m poor today because I just graduated with a redundant Bachelor of Arts. Nope, that’s just part of my malaise. The real kicker is that babyboomers have fed off the universal system until they could get old enough to dismantle it. Yeah, there is a demographic bulge that is getting older; more strain on the system: blah, blah, blah. Hey, that bulge wants to pay less into the system, so the system is going to shit. So the perceived solution turns out to be “pay or fuck off.” Why not just pay in, like Romanow suggested?

Oh yeah, Mexico, cervezas, marijuana and free love with love handles, I forgot…

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