Weekend Excursion

My husband and I generally try to do at least one interesting thing per weekend, and often we drag other people along with us. This past weekend was no exception. To pass the time on a snowy, cold, wet afternoon, we got together with some friends and took a drive to Steveston Village. We went simply because we had never been to Steveston (or, in fact, Richmond,) and thought maybe we should.

Getting there was pretty easy, we just kept driving south until we saw something called Steveston Highway, which we assumed would get us to Steveston. It was a good assumption, since that is in fact where we ended up, without any detours even.

Our observations on Richmond: it’s flat and full of strip malls. In other words, it was very reminiscent of a whole lot of southern, southwestern, and eastern Ontario.

Observations on Steveston: Nice beach, we’re coming back with our bikes to explore when it’s not snowing, and we’re going to bring kites. Who doesn’t love kites? Also, there are what appear to be fantastic patios in Steveston – the kind where you can sit back with friends and enjoy the daylight right into evening. We’re definitely going back for that.

What it comes down to, however, is that we went to Steveston for a Blenz hot chocolate on a snowy day, and it was good.

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